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    Sakhalin of imperialism Russian age (3)
    Construction of imperialism Russian age
    'From house of northern sphere'

     Prior to world war 2 still as for construction of imperialism Russian age there was somewhat an existence example, the especially Russian type residence had become the good material of the historical researcher of that time. “Southern Sakhalin view” (Husazirou Iwata, 'construction magazine' 249th number, 1906 January, pp.46-58), 'the house of the Toa construction selected work seven northern sphere' (鷹 room luck flat and 1943 December 1st), “anthropology consideration of the home which the Sakhalin old dew territory race can be operated (one) - (five)” (long root help eight, magazine 'construction worldwide' 18th volume 10-12, in 19th volume 1,7,9 publication) and so on plural research reports existed. The russian type residential construction was named '“[hueniri] system” new 撰 large Tomari history' and so on in the literature of that time. Presently, universally was constructed to the Russian cultural sphere it is general to call “log cabin style”, but here you name the “Russian type residence” simply.

    <House of northern sphere>
     In regard to the Russian type residential construction, first prior to world war 2 we would like to refer to the studying of 鷹 room luck flat investigation was done with house of former race such as Ainu, in regard to the Russian house ('house of northern sphere', pp.41-45) in period. Publication year is, 1943 (1943) year in midst of World War II, but it seems that becomes valuable ones where already, these Russian houses number are few this time.

     The woodwork of the Russian type which is the foreign material of old Russian territory age, also log shed question [hu] ones at today decreased number. Dew house house of the 其 and the like to be many near Toyohara and at the time of recent years it reduces the number suddenly, or as for as for taking and others and others the [re] it is a thing there is. Or because it has become old remains there is no value as a house with only name, the ruin HKDRT the [me] [te] only stays are also some simply as a warehouse and a storeroom.
     Well, when really viewing the Russian house to, it probably is the decorative pattern which first most the sash of the big wood and, digs any which are pulled to the eye, there and is packed. In addition, sculpture and the like of the eaves decoration is simple, but charm it is something which overflowed.
     Around the combining, even then the window decoration and the eaves the Russian system which is seen technique and, or the folk art sculpture of north Europe and, being able to make various, as for form and any character question [hu] things of the gable which stays, there are some which feeling of the people who live 曾 [te] there 偲 are done, there are some where thought does rich hobby. Is roughing, but the peasants in that quiet time, watch whether the life truly delightfully 惜 first, and in order to do, as for the decoration of the various woodcraft which are administered to everywhere time and time as the pattern art which is field appearance of peasant sculpture.
     The feature of the log house of the Russian house is to fill up the moss (tundra) which between the logs to stack in order to prevent the draft has grown around. Sufficiently the [u] of protection against the cold structure HKDRT, skillful technique being hidden in the detail, it stays and in any [re] [ru] log house type construction question [hu] things the [ri], when natural features climate of the cold region is long, being something which gives the question [hu] feeling which is something which is accustomed to bearing through lapse, taking not drying that is product of the place where life bears inevitably to everywhere.

     The appearance photograph of the Russian house on, published the photograph of sash decoration under. Furthermore, as for the sash decoration and the eaves decoration, it seems that you can see the influence which is strong to also the wooden residence and the apartment in present Sakhalin. In addition, “, the tundra where it picks filling up from the grassy plain near, Kanpuu of winter new moon north preventing the generally known robber wind which invades barely through the opening, the [a], with this it stays between the log and the log which are united to the log house. At the time of endeavoring of improvement of protection against the cold efficiency it has been thorough the Russian house to in addition to.”With the protection against the cold efficiency is extolled.

    Furthermore it divided into the log wall the side which winter Kanpuu blows and, inside attached the diagonal member of the wood, painted the clay in this and was packed and stayed. Furthermore stretching the split timber of the miscellaneous trees to the wall of suitably thick log house type slantedly, sewing the clay to dig from near, accumulating, it stayed. It divides the clay and buries the form of the wood entirely and about exhausts not to be thick, the location being recognized clearly, it stays naiveness, with simplicity the [wi] it is with.
     As for this structure and technique, that the effect with respect to protection against the cold as for thought simultaneously with the [se] [ru], itself regarding to, as peasant construction stays as vividly showing sharp touch. On the one hand, regarding and, this from earthquake-proof angle it examines thinking passing and seeing any this log house type structural question [hu] things and very, owns interesting ones in the 其 place.

    Construction of continuation imperialism Russian age
    From “southern Sakhalin sight-read”
    <Southern Sakhalin view>
     A little age as the 溯 [ru], expressed before rule first concerning the circumstance of the Russian type construction of [urajimirohuka] of period, 'are reported to construction magazine' 249th number “southern Sakhalin view”. This article is the village of Sakhalin southern Korsakov [urajimirohuka] [garuginourasukoe] and the like and something which reports the circumstance of the construction. It is Husazirou Iwata where the reporter is the construction academic society associate member, is the Sakhalin civil administration station subengineer, (concerning Iwata's past record 4th chapter 1st paragraph reference). Because it is observation of the person who acquires construction technology, it is thought that it is worthy of to reliance. The description regarding [urajimirohuka] has started from the part which expresses the circumstances of the village.

     Furthermore as though almost standing side-by-side with various equipment and Korsakov in the reason which is southern Sakhalin which it comes after Korsakov 枢 Ku [urajimirohuka] is done and the thought [se] and others [ru] official 衙, the official 衙 store outside the hospital, the temple and the school 其, is an official residence of the monk and an official residence etc of the hospital being attached staff as the national building of dew country and especially the warehouse is 23 you inquired about the reason which has the prison but when it examines being engaged to the 其, and the like however it did, as a prison really there was no, equipment it seems.

     The description that is similar to the other literature (2nd chapter 3rd paragraph) [urajimirohuka] it is the important base where various equipment are prepared. In this report, a little it is in detail reported concerning the official barracks facility which is located in [urajimirohuka]. In other words, the official barracks, the hospital and the temple, the school, the official barracks store, the monk official residence and the hospital staff official residence, the warehouse, it is the prison. Iwata has used the expression, “southern Sakhalin 枢 Ku”. Also the Haseba pure thought of increasing afterwards has used the completely same expression. It probably has this kind of expression with such as report official opinion of troop relationship? Anyhow, because the fact that population is small is widely known fact, 枢 seeing the method of being prepared the equipment here with Ku, probably to judge you try. Description after this while lifting the elevation concerning these constructions, has become explanation. Here, we would like to introduce how many among those.

     The photograph and the figure above are the church of [urajimirohuka] of that time. If with simpler fixture than the church of [arekisandorohusuku] and Korsakov, the part of the central symbolize tower house is excluded, religion construction it is hard to judge. But, the point and the like where the transom of semicircle shape is used for the window differs from usual construction largely. Way decoration is administered inside, but, regrettable 詳 and others is not.

    _ two figure as for temple be be eye now close do civil administration station keep to belong be 其 inside beautiful to decorate administer thick be now 其 view geometry or break way even to thought as for [re] [ru] dew citizen as for close today also furthermore temple entrance to come Sunday every to heart meter pray line connection go at observe receive start 乍 併 house as for area □ foundation strong be be for the sake of or considerable tilt considerable eye to catch bell tower be but rough □ something be be 恰 shed in be no more than bell shape as for own country line person They are shape □ large ones of the bell which it has.

     The photograph and the figure above at the school building of the small school of the Russian era, are the house which is used afterwards as the civil administration branch. The appearance photograph of the building where you can attach the entryway roof of pectiniform can be verified even with the photograph 0-5-11.

     As for the eighth figure the present time when it is the small school in the reason which is applied to the civil administration branch and the military policeman amount leaving behind place as for the teaching place office work
    In the room and the military policeman amount leaving behind place the staff room applying HKRPT the 此 house which is recent construction in the room of the high civil service employee, but inside
    There are no any which are attached to right and the 云 [te] eye decoration normally without the private house and great difference.
     Furthermore in the south edge of the village outside this the hospital there is also an uncompleted hospital, but without great difference concerning the method of construction 唯 correcting/rule
    When model/imitation is large, is only the 云 [hu], as for the uncompleted hospital our troop lands to this area to continuing construction,
    With the same structure to the reason spent 30,000 Yen with the [te] expense two ridge so, thickly also the [te] where stoutness so seeing
    As for the receiving and others [ru] 此 hospital after the occupying the military government with the cloth [ku] military government chief as for Hori lieutenant colonel the life of brigade commander is offered deeply, defense large
    Listing several names below the officer as a Major, Kojima captain and a result construction member of deliberation at the same time to order supervision, in the private soldier
    Doing the 輩 which is experience in the 斯 road, in order that it causes construction and furthermore 雇 use does also the dew help craftsman and reconstructs the hospital to the barracks
    It started, but unhappiness construction stops is discontinued, it is not reaching it is as for the inside life of our army division Sakhalin pulling up
    Under it is in this battalion after the 其 which is one thing remaining behind defending in this area connection and life of construction restoration
    It comes and others like [zu] one is the most quickly fireplace to it installs and the [ke] [re] it is used, but in the 其 侭 connection lonesome
    Roughly the [ru] HKRPT connection it is in the 侭.

    Successively construction of imperialism Russian age
    Prison & church lighthouse
     As for the report regarding the construction other than the residence, the place where narrow view it does it does not exist, it is possible to refer, but with the old photograph of that time concerning the church & prison lighthouse and the like. Most those which have feature after all probably are church hall construction of the Russian Greek Orthodox Church with construction of the Russian territory era. As for photograph A the church which is in Korsakov, photograph B is the church hall of [ruikohu]. The tower house which possesses the dome of the Russian wind is impressive. To possess this dome roof, as the enthusiasm regarding their church constructions considering it probably is possible very.

    Photograph A Korsakov church hall

    Church hall of photograph B [ruikohu]

     The proper the many prison existed in Sakhalin of that time when it is deportation area. But, all prisoners were not the case that commitment it is done inside this prison, as mentioned earlier, is the prisoner who passed prison term without problem engaged to colonization activity as a 殖 people agriculture and a peasant agriculture. Even then, the prisoner to be many as for the change is not in the prison being many, the prison like the photograph under was placed on main urban district.

    Korsakov prison

     In addition, the photograph under is the lighthouse of the brick construction which is named the “west Noto Lu promontory lighthouse” in the Japanese rule period, but this is something which uses the lighthouse of the Russian territory era that way. Lighthouse installation is 1883 (1883) year, but the lighthouse of the first generation is the woodwork, as for the lighthouse of brick construction being completed you say that it is 1896 (1896) year. It is the existence where the same lighthouse for reality is done presently as a chestnut on lighthouse, should observe as construction leaving behind structure of time before the Japanese rule period.

    West Noto Lu promontory lighthouse

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