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    Large Tomari meteorological observing station

    Construction name Main place of the Sakhalin agency observatory large Tomari
    Address (old address) Large Tomari Yamashita Cho
    Structural summary Wooden Heike building, extending the observation room of the reinforced concrete image afterwards
    Completion year 1907 (1907) year December
    Designer The Sakhalin agency part temporary construction section (presumption)
    Builder Kametarou Itoh (presumption)
    Disappearance year Unknown

    As for this observatory, 1905 (1905) on year October 10th immediately after the possessing, the fact that it establishes on the basis of Central Meteorological Observatory temporary observatory control, as the 10th Ku temporary observatory is beginning. In this place the observatory was provided even in the Russian territory era. This 1907 (1907) in year transferred in the Sakhalin agency, became the Sakhalin agency observatory. Stick style is adopted with wooden Heike building, style of early public construction is followed well. Several гѓ‰гѓјгѓћгѓј windows are allotted, observation generation is provided on the ridge.
    After that, 4 total it did the increase reconstruction construction which is 1921 (1921) 1930 (1930) extending through year from year, the engine room and the seismometer side house (the shaking meter room) and the like provided, it became the shape like the photograph above. Reinforced concrete structure was adopted for 3 floor building enlargement of building part, but as for big modification it seems that is not added in the Heike building book ridge part.

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