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    Toyohara town hall (Toyohara city hall)

    Construction name Toyohara town hall (Toyohara city hall)
    Address (old address) Toyohara city east 3 provision south 6 Chome
    Structural summary Wooden bone iron net concrete structure 2 floor building
    Completion year 1928 (1928) year November 9th
    Builder Hasimoto group
    Disappearance year
    Remark Existence (reality: The Sakhalin impact)

    The town hall of the first generation Sakhalin Cho village 1922 it is enforced (1922) is constructed to year August. The address with Toyohara east 1 provision south 4 Chome, with record has reached floor space 52 tsubo manufacture expense 5,500 Yen. Although stick style is adopted to appearance, you cannot refuse the impression of the poorly-built house. After 1925 (1925) in year the town hall completion moving the Toyohara Chamber of Commerce and Industry you had used as the government building, but 1936 (1936) it burnt in year November.

    The Crown Prince (Emperor Showa) it adjusted the town hall of 2nd generation, to line Hiroshi, threw 101,650 Yen manufacture expenses and 1925 (1925) was constructed to year. In the newspaper article of that time "" the front elaborates the choice of construction and... Doitsu system and the modern times system which become Hiroshi еЈ® mixing й™„ it does the barrel design is introduced the barrel г‚»г‚»гѓѓг‚·гѓ§гѓі type entryway "tower house and". As for the designer Toyohara Cho subengineer Goto kind help, as for operation according to Endo group it is conveyed. But, this government building 1928 (1928) misfire disappeared on year January 7th.

    After the burning, with respect to necessity of town governmental office work, reconstruction of the new government building hurried. The previous way because enormous construction cost cannot be thrown, function of the public hall has not been attached to the town hall of 3rd generation. Before being conscious of г‚»г‚»гѓѓг‚·гѓ§гѓі strongly, both appearance plane surface constitution relatively it is simple in comparison with the government building. In addition, as for details obscurity there was a defect in regard to the design to seem, after the moving it is announced in the newspaper that the sick person appears in the town staff. With says, as for those where existence is verified with town hall construction of the Japanese era, is only this Toyohara town hall.

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