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    The Sakhalin garrison barracks and the like

    Construction name The Sakhalin garrison facility
    Address (old address) Toyohara city east 1 - 2 provision north 1 - 4 Chome (as for details not yet и©і)
    Structural summary Almost wooden Heike building
    Completion year 1908 (1908) year
    Designer The Sakhalin garrison headquarters construction person in charge
    Builder Kametarou Ito
    Disappearance year Unknown

    The site of the Sakhalin garrison barracks from the avenue of Toyohara urban district betting on east 2 provisions, was near north 1 - 4 Chome. As for the photograph above it is something which photographed the barracks construction in Toyohara. When photographing direction and position of the photograph are verified, there is a bell valley peak in the photograph front, from the fact that the left hand a little garrison headquarters government building west face is visible on the center, it is judged as the thing which photographed the Sakhalin garrison barracks from near avenue north 2 Chome. The garrison headquarters have completed, because the command official residence of the expectation which is the opposite side is not yet commencement, photographing time 1908 (1908) is around year spring, from the fact that in addition the house roof has been taken foreward the photograph, is thought photographing from relatively high position. At that time, the hotel and the rental room which deal with the garrison officer et. al. large number have done business in Toyohara avenue north 1 - 3 Chome, it should see as the thing which was photographed from those 2 floors.

    As for the long garrison barracks foreward the eaves high as for the roof жџѕ и‘є with it is seen with the hip roof roof of gentle slope low. On the roof each 1 basis, 2 bases and 4 smokestacks are allotted to left and right on the center. If the external wall being the panel hard, looks at roof form, it differs from the specification of temporary barracks which are picked up to the foregoing paragraph clearly. The fundamental part is indistinct, but seems like only digging building. The entryway which has the small wife roof almost 1 place at a time symmetrical position (differs) is provided somewhat on left and right. The window seems like the wide double sliding window. Form differs from the top and bottom window of the small barracks foreward clearly. If the long barracks look at window position, almost it can rub in left and right symmetrical plane surface constitution, but in the ceiling the high window for private soldier room ventilation 3 is provided in the left hand and this in the right hand because it is not seen, if adjusting to the plane surface constitution of the temporary barracks, you think, the dormitory for the private soldier, the right hand part you can think the photograph left hand part the officer room or headquarters function. Barracks south face (the photograph left hand), you could see the connecting corridor, it is seen that south side (the photograph left edge) 1 ridge, the similar long barracks were already constructed. The small barracks foreward are seen as the dormitory for non-commissioned officer soldier/finishing perhaps. As for the external wall hard the predicament boarding, as for ridge direction it is presumed with the hip roof roof of after all gentle slope that it is front and back between 24. Almost, the small barracks of the same scale, 1 ridge are provided even on east side of the large barracks, the warehouse of the gable roof seems the coming building 2 has lined up into the south. Such barracks group and the garrison headquarters there is a somewhat distance, in the front of the headquarters government building, the house group which is seen as the official residence is arranged.

    It is something where also the following photograph photographed barracks construction, but because you cannot see feature building topography, specification of photographing place is difficult. It is judged that from the fact that topography in the photograph is wide еЈ® even area, are not large Tomari and are Toyohara's barracks site. In that case, because the mountains have not been taken in the photograph, because it is seen as the thing which photographed west side from garrison site east face, photograph similar and photographing position before are high, at the same time also position from the garrison site is close relatively, you try probably to be photographing from the garrison headquarters government building site. Judging from direction of the street foreward and the fact that the large barracks of the photograph before are not moved, photographing direction is presumed southwest direction.

    So, when you thought, these barracks groups are something which is constructed to air-ground of the headquarters government building west side which is air-ground with the photograph before, it depends and photographing time that is thought whether 1908 (1908) it is not around year. These barracks groups have placed the hip roof roof of after all loose slope with north and south direction, but ridge direction quickly and it is short, you cannot see the high window for ventilation. The hole which is thought before the smokestack installing 4 places is provided on the roof of the barracks foreward.

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