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    The Sakhalin garrison defense hospital

    Construction name The Sakhalin garrison Toyohara Mamoru ж€Ќ hospital
    Address (old address) Toyohara city east 3 provision north 1 Chome
    Structural summary Brick construction (woodwork? ) Heike
    Completion year 1908 (1908) year
    Designer The Sakhalin garrison headquarters construction person in charge
    Builder Kametarou Ito
    Disappearance year Existence (8 door building multiple dwelling houses)

    The defense ж€Ќ hospital is the hospital where it is placed on the camp of the army. The Sakhalin garrison is assigned organization of the 7th army division, but we are located separated from the same area, at the same time at that time because still also the urban district in ill equipped state there is an insecurity even in hygienic state of the military personnel, we probably are judged that the individual hospital is needed. As for this photograph, 1925 (1925) photograph collection ' large Toyohara ' of year issue being something which publishing is done, front and back between length 20, the hospital where so is not large it is observed that it is constructed with brick construction.

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