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    The Sakhalin garrison command official residence
    (The Sakhalin agency museum old government building
    Toyohara military policeman squad)

    Construction name The Sakhalin garrison command official residence (1908 - 1911? )
    The Sakhalin agency museum old government building (1917? - 1934)
    Toyohara military policeman squad (9-20 of Showa)
    Address (old address) Toyohara city east 4 provision south 1 Chome
    Structural summary Brick construction (1st floor), woodwork (2nd floor) part wooden Heike
    Completion year 1908 (1908) year November 30th
    Designer Tamura the Sakhalin garrison attaching army engineer йЋ® (presumption)
    Builder Kametarou Ito
    Disappearance year
    Remark While being verified, existence oldest Japanese age construction.
    Presently it is diverted гѓ¦г‚ёгѓЋ - as the г‚µгѓЏгѓЄгѓіг‚№г‚Ї military jurisdiction courts.

    The Sakhalin garrison commander belonged directly to army infantry 7th Commanding General of the Division, in order to hold the private soldier of the regiment scale which becomes independent was appointed with major general. As organization constitution of garrison and the Sakhalin agency (1st chapter) with expressed already, in regard to rule early administrative organization it was the person who is located most significantly. This construction is the official residence of that commander, it has become extravagant hugely profound construction suitablly in the top of new territory

    According to the Itoh group possession new barracks construction contract contract, constructive period 1908 (1908) to at October 31st of the same year, as for the contract amount a little it was large amount from year February 8th 43,451 Yen 62 sen in comparison with the contract of other things. The cause of that probably will be because does brick construction is adopted for only 1 floor part. The contractor is Kametarou Itoh. The address faced south, with Toyohara east 3 provision south 1 Chome, the forked road (Maoka after, present г‚µгѓЏгѓЄгѓіг‚№г‚«гѓ¤) were the Sakhalin garrison headquarters in the north opposite side.

    As for photograph Meiji 1941 (1908) the Sakhalin garrison command official residence of year completion that time. In regard to the summary of construction, as for 1 floor part brick construction, as for 2 floor part with the woodwork, as for appearance design in 1 floor section and 2 floor section the horizontal segmentation it is done, as for the 1st floor as for design and the 2nd floor which designate the concave surface as motif with the dense color tone it uses the bright color and it is collected with the design which designates the convex surface as motif.

    It is the photograph of the Sakhalin agency museum era of Taisho final period. The Sakhalin garrison already had withdrawn in the Taisho beginning, but it is said, this building was less crowded and 1917 (1918) the Sakhalin agency borrowing in year, until it utilizes, as the museum that it was the room. In addition, the modification point in appearance at this stage is not almost seen.
    As for the front of the building with north direction, as for the main ridge it can recognize the copperplate roofing and the existence of the cresting with the hip roof roof of gentle slope. Kitaomote a little the entryway roof of the gable about between width 2 is provided from on east. Entrance opening is provided in east west face of the entryway roof, as for the wife surface the window of the semi-circular arch transom being attached is opened. On Kitaomote east side the pediment of large texture of width between approximately 5 is provided, on west side of width between approximately 3, identical design motif 2 to the pediment of size is adopted. Neo Gothic detail design such as left and right asymmetric гЃє гѓ‡г‚ЈгѓЎгѓігѓ€ and the becoming pointed arch window of the entryway part is feature.

    The bay window which is continued in the 1st and 2 floor is provided in the north approaching of west face, also the roof which is projected is recognized on the top. The window is both casements of the transom being attached of identical design with the 1st and 2 floor, but the point where the frame has been attached differs somewhat in 2 floor window. In addition, there is a penthouse of the gable on south face west side and is connected to the main ridge with flat entrance. If above, you look at front appearance, Sakhalin agency director the common point to the constitution is many. But, 1910 (1910) from year for Potts mass peace treaty ratification the Sakhalin garrison started withdrawal gradually, 1913 (1913) completed withdrawal in year, later was utilized as the Sakhalin agency museum. 1934 (1934) year, military policeman 2 troops being stationed in Toyohara decided, could apply to that headquarters government building this building.

    As for photograph photograph of military policeman squad age. Maoka (present г‚µгѓЏгѓЄгѓіг‚№г‚«гѓ¤) from Kitaomote is photographed. The photograph where design of the front gate understands is unusual. But, change is not seen after all in detail of appearance.

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