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    The Sakhalin garrison headquarters government building
    (The Sakhalin district court)

    Construction name The Sakhalin garrison headquarters government building (afterwards in the Sakhalin district court diversion)
    Address (old address) Toyohara city east 3 provision north 1 Chome (inside army site)
    Structural summary Wooden 2 floor building
    Completion year 1907 (1907) year November 30th
    Designer Tamura the Sakhalin garrison headquarters attaching army engineer йОЃ (presumption)
    Builder Kametarou Ito
    Disappearance year Unknown
    Remark As for appearance stick style
    In 1911 (1911) year it is diverted in the Sakhalin district court.

    The Sakhalin garrison headquarters government building which is in the midst of constructing. As a principal construction of Toyohara's being verified, it is the construction which is completed most quickly in the гВЛ. According to the new construction construction contract contract of Itoh group possession, as for manufacture expense 25 sen 30,214 Yen (to attach, the around earth base), completion period from 1907 (1907) year July 18th it was to November 30th of the same year. As for the address with Toyohara east 3 provision north 1 Chome, as for the site somewhat to be higher than around what the earth laid is done is found from the photograph

    It is seen as the completion souvenir picture of the government building. Appearance is collected with the stick style which allots the decorative ornament to the preliminary inspection boarding. This is feature of early government and municipal offices construction regardless of the Sakhalin agency garrison. As for the book ridge to be long being left and right symmetrical by east west, the central tower house part is arranged and 45 degrees than the book ridge shifting 4 sides, has become the big feature with respect to design. The roof is the hip roof иСЇ. Yet, the attachment house is not constructed to left and right. Twirling the front central small tower, it is impressive to have arranged.
    Because the time for completion of the construction contract contract of Ito group possession is November 30th, completion day was designated as 11 ends of the month, but because with this photograph you cannot see the snow even around, it should see that really already it was completed a little more quickly.

    Transferring/changing agency to the Sakhalin district court is done in 1911 (1911) year when policy of the Sakhalin garrison withdrawal is decided. Pattern substitution construction was done from 1911 (1911) year September extending through November. ' According to the Sakhalin Sakhalin daily newspaper newspaper article '  courthouse pattern substitution construction пљ£ (1911 October 1st), contents of construction administering the repair which becomes sufficient to the warehouse heretofore the , the installation пљ£ do the court, the warehouse in order to possess sufficient floor space, adjoining to this, provides the жОІ place of the  lawsuit representative and et. al. as for communication with the government building solves by the fact that the newly founded пљ£ it does the corridor, as for the  government building is announced. construction favorably to progress, that it was the former еДШ пљ£, courthouse transferring/changing agency ceremony is done on November 14th.
    This photograph because the guardian remains in the front gate left hand, still probably is the photograph before the transferring or immediately after the transferring in the district court. But, from the place where change with respect to most appearances cannot recognize with either the photograph 1939, this building is seen that it was almost not remodelled through the Japanese era.

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