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    The Sakhalin shrine

    Construction name Official е№Ј Taisha Sakhalin shrine
    Address (old address) Toyohara city Asahi hill
    Structural summary Woodwork
    Completion year 1911 (1911) year August 23rd being enshrined system
    Designer Ito Chuta (basic design), the Sakhalin agency construction section
    Builder The Endo United States seven
    Disappearance year Unknown
    Remark It is reconstructed in around 1940 (1940) year and is high?

    After being done on 1910 (1910) year August 23rd, it probably photographs the scene of ridge type. Construction of the Sakhalin shrine was performed at just the business which gathered the expectation and attention of all islander, both upper ridge type being enshrined formula adjusting in administration commemoration day August 23rd.

    Main shrine part of Taisho final period. Does architectural style should see that the standard design of that time when right present structure is designated as basic motif is followed? Those where it undertook the basic design the Taiwan Korean and the like shrine design have per seat are Ito Chuta, but that design seems that is limited to extremely the basic part considered as the details and the like of the design.

    Showa early going/participating road and Ootorii. As for the Kurushima person of that time passing by this going/participating road first, the fact that you worship to the Sakhalin shrine was common usage. Official е№Ј it is the approach which has suitable dignity in Taisha, but presently there is no either shadow which is almost seen.

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