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    Sakhalin agency Toyohara junior high school

    Construction name Sakhalin agency Toyohara junior high school
    Address (old address) Toyohara city east 9 provision south 6 Chome
    Structural summary Woodwork? 2 floor building
    Completion year 1924 (1924) year
    Designer The Sakhalin agency housekeeping section engineering works section (presumption)
    Disappearance year Unknown
    Remark Normally classroom 23, special classroom 6 (1935)
    Presently, the officer hall is built in the former site.

    Toyohara junior high school, coming after large Tomari junior high school, 2nd is junior high school it is constructed in Sakhalin. After the town village system enforcing as for Sakhalin elementary school as a general rule municipalities at the time of construction management, the junior high school woman school various professional schools and the like seem that the Sakhalin agency undertook management.

    Front entryway part. Mortar decoration is administered finely, expressionism appearance is formed. As for the Sakhalin agency around the Taisho latter term several construction which has this kind of decoration the гЃ¦ per seat гЃ¦ it is. Perhaps it probably is hobby of the designer of that time. Plane surface constitution of Toyohara junior high school of beginning, in order to be surrounded in the school building of L letter type, was the shape which establishes conduct, but in Showa period extending the special classroom ridge outside that, it seems that a little becomes complicated plane surface constitution.

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