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    The Sakhalin agency museum

    Construction name The Sakhalin agency museum
    Address (old address) Toyohara city east 8 provision south 6 Chome
    Structural summary Reinforced concrete 2 floor building part 3 floor building basement attaching
    Completion year 1937 (1937) year August 1st opening
    Designer Sakhalin agency housekeeping section engineering works section shell mound Yosio
    Builder Endo group
    Disappearance year
    Remark Existence (reality: The Sakhalin native museum)

    1937 (1937) the Sakhalin agency museum at time of year completion. Yet, the front yard part such as fountain of the front is not serviced.

    From completion commemoration picture postcard close-up of front tower house part. The design which is made "the Japanese castle wind Japanese and European eclectic style" of the designer draws up the beam and the component of the main building and the like with the concrete, actualizes by the fact that like the woodwork it combines that.

    Distinguished guest room inside mansion. Making use of the time upper coffering the tone high space is built up. Not only the distinguished guest room the wall of the exhibition room "because of soundproofing it was made paper Hari", but under present conditions it is removed.

    Among the exhibition rooms, they are circumstances of the study of antiquities room. The exhibition space inside the mansion was displayed classifying into the data of flora and fauna mineral race archaeology and the like. It was designed the exhibition case by shell mound Yosio of the designer. Many of the exhibition specimen have followed those of the Japanese era even at the present Sakhalin state native museum.

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