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    Toyohara post office

    Construction name Toyohara post office & Sakhalin agency communications section
    Address (old address) Toyohara city avenue south 5 Chome
    Structural summary Reinforced concrete structure 2 floor building
    Completion year 1930 (1930) year November
    Designer The Sakhalin agency internal section engineering works section (licensed engineer willow жѕ¤ Kinzirou)
    Builder Ookura engineering works corporation
    Disappearance year The seventies (oral transmission)

    1908 (1908) the Toyohara post office of the first generation which is completed in year. It was constructed same as the other government and municipal offices building with stick style.

    As for the first government building because 1921 (1921) misfire it burns in year, the temporary government building above was constructed to the north next door of the site urgently. As for photograph above 1925 (1925) temporary government building of year that time. It is the kind of design which similar to Toyohara junior high school, it does at first glance and with something is conscious of picturesque.

    As for the new government building 1929 (1929) construction starts from year, 1931 (1931) looks at completion in year. The Sakhalin agency communications section has moved to 2 floor part, it was central base of the Sakhalin postal services business. Along with the museum and the Takushoku Bank Toyohara branch office, it seems that is named "3 large construction of Toyohara's". Furthermore, the willow жѕ¤ of the licensed engineer was only verified with the architect/engineer, it is the transfer person from Hokkaido Government Office. You can call the relationship of the Sakhalin agency between the North Sea Hokkaido Government Office, that it was not that much large at least in regard to construction.

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