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    The Sakhalin agency government building

    Construction name The Sakhalin agency government building
    Address (old address) Toyohara city east 4 provision south 5 Chome
    Structural summary Wooden 2 floor building
    Completion year 1908 (1908) around year
    Designer Tamura the Sakhalin agency engineer йЋ® (presumption)
    Builder Kametarou Itoh (presumption)
    Disappearance year 1941 (1941) around year burning, 1945 (1945) it reconstructs to the new government building in year
    Remark Part existence

    1925 (1925) the Sakhalin agency government building around year. гѓ‰гѓјгѓћгѓј of semicircle shape (the roof window) is feature. The front yard part is not serviced still almost.

    1939 (1939) the Sakhalin agency government building around year. Already, deterioration was conspicuous, like every year new government building construction was rumored, but it seems that every time, increase reconstruction copes over again. As for being visible on left and right in the enlargement of building part, as for the annex board room of the left side it exists.

    1936 it is administration 30th anniversary (1936) the case of year it is seen as commemoration photographing. The external wall part is collected with the style which is called stick style.

    1934 (1934) it is seen as photographing from the year オイロパ number. The annex board room is in the midst of constructing on the left hand center, the Sakhalin agency director residence is visible on right hand top. As for the Sakhalin agency government building, in order constructive at the beginning the Sakhalin garrison to face, directing the front to north, it understands that it was built.

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