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    The Sakhalin railroad

    The Sakhalin Tokai bank line the steam locomotive which is in the midst of travelling

    Railroad office

    South Sakhalin strategic point bed fragrance station

    The loop bridge which is the place of interest of the Yutaka Makoto line

    As for start of the Sakhalin railroad, in 1939 the Sakhalin garrison of the army the camphor tree valley - ウラジミロフカ (Toyohara) laying the military handy railroad between is called start for demand for military supplies transport.

    By the military government abolition 1907, management of the railroad was transferred in the Sakhalin agency. After that entire interval of the Tokai bank line (large Tomari - between the glory beach) was open to traffic in 1911.

    In 1914 the Kawakami line, in 1928 Yutaka Makoto line same all line of the west shoreline began operating in 12, in 1941 the Sakhalin railroad corporation line (Ochiai - between bed fragrance) purchased at the Sakhalin agency, in 18 for consistency management of the interior of a country was transferred to the railroad ministry and the Sakhalin railroad Bureau of Administrative Services was installed.

    The Sakhalin east line (north Tokai bank line bed fragrance) construction hurried necessity with respect to national defense and for inland development, in 1944 to the border it was the place where it is open to traffic to the old 屯 of 18 kilometers and defeat was faced.

    The Sakhalin east line (large Tomari port - old 屯) 414.7 kilometer through 1944 October 15th

    (Ochiai - glory beach) 10 kilometer through 1911 December 17th

    (Glory beach - glory beach seashore) 1.8 kilometer through 1914 April 1st

    The Sakhalin west line (book 斗 -) 170.1 kilometer through 1937 December 1st during Hisashi spring

    (Book 斗 - Hamamoto 斗) 1.3 kilometer through 1930 October 29th

    (眞 Oka - beach 眞 Oka) 1.8 kilometer through 1929 December 15th

    Kawakami line (small swamp - Kawakami charcoal mountain) 21.9 kilometer through 1922 November 1st

    Yutaka Makoto line (Toyohara - the hand well) 83.8 kilometer through 1928 September 3rd

    The Sakhalin private railway corporation line the south Sakhalin coal mine railroad inside river coal mine private line for the lumber and the development of resources intended south Sakhalin railroad and coal transport for the paper manufacture, had the inside deep water artificial petroleum private line of our national first artificial petroleum company which refines the gasoline for the aircraft from the coal.

    Furthermore, it combines the south Sakhalin coal mine railroad and the inside deep water artificial petroleum private line to 1945 March and has renamed the deep water line inside top line empire fuel promotion of industry inside empire fuel promotion of industry.

    South Sakhalin railroad (new place - stationary multi adding) 18.6 kilometer through 1926 October 1st

    South Sakhalin coal mine railroad (book 斗 - the inside top charcoal mountain) 16.4 kilometer through 1931 December 1st

    The inside river coal mine private line (bed fragrance - inner river) 17.4 kilometer through 1936 July 1st

    The inside deep water artificial petroleum private line (Motoya - the inside deep water) 12.5 kilometer through 1944 April 1st

    As for the government-managed automatic lane, in regard to local development 2 routes were managed as has important mission as the vicarious execution line of the railroad.

    This stationary line (stationary multi adding - book 斗) 71.5 kilometer through 1935 August 18th

    The inside blessing line (the inside road - blessing 須 taking) 107.3 kilometer through 1939 June 1st

    1933 Sakhalin

    1935 bed fragrance time signal corporation issue

    The Sakhalin railroad area along the railroad line guide

    From 1935 Sakhalin almanac

    The Sakhalin agency railroad area along the railroad line

    Near large Tomari station

    Kagura Oka park : It has a view with the park which is in the central part of large Tomari Cho and is good, Emperor Taisho comes commemorating happiness, in the park.

    The Sakhalin agar company factory : 25 towns than the camphor tree valley town station, distantly the factory where the peculiar grass of the deep water lake is designated as the agar

    The Sakhalin agency observatory : There is a central highland of approximately 4 towns than the camphor tree valley town station and as for those which research the Sakhalin weather here is completed the male

    The Sakhalin frozen corporation : Approximately 10 towns than the large Tomari station, it is succeeding in the attempt of freezing the Sakhalin product Pisces.

    Day dew war landing monument : There is a woman 麗 of 3 villages than the large Tomari station

    Near shell mound station

    Shell mound: From the station there is a many shell mound near the Kawaguchi right bank of the Nisikita approximately 10 town bell mountain streams and those which become reference in history is a large number.

    Nurturing fox place of Ookita industry : Approximately 20 towns than the shell mound station, there is south shell mound.

    Near new place station

    Shell mound : From the station there are large and over ten places in coastal 2 ・ 3 town of southwest approximately 15 towns.

    Near Toyohara station

    The Sakhalin shrine : Asahi in the scenic area which is in the medium stomach of the hill veneration the visitor exceeds 20000 people extremely high in 1 as entire Tinziyu of this island.

    Asahi hill jump stand : There is south face of the Sakhalin shrine and the entire country whose leap to 80 meters of world record is possible the excellent jump stand which is seen rarely

    Bell valley peak : With Kiyokawa high-level 2 village remainders of Toyohara northeast grand view of height 1045 meter and the lake etc. inside Toyohara urban small swamp wealth is desired from the top.

    Agency stand museum : There are east 5 provision south 1 Chome of 13 towns than the station.

    Lake inside wealth : At the automobile 2 hours, it is the scenery discernment 媚 natural large park from the Yutaka south station which is closest to Toyohara.

    The Sakhalin medicine manufacture corporation : Using フレップ of the Sakhalin special product fruit, it has produced the wine.

    Near small swamp station

    The Sakhalin agency central research institute : Walking 15 minute, the sightseeing person from Toyohara is more than the station the nurturing fox the 頗 る active.

    Kawakami hot spring : From the small swamp it is paste Kawakami hot spring station getting off and the spring in the Kawakami line, but there is an effect in the symptoms and spring fall there is a suitable bath customer

    Kawakami coal mine : Terminus of the Kawakami line which diverges from the small swamp station, it is this island largest coal mine with Mitsui management.

    Chalkstone type fossil picking area : That there was a Kawakami village one Yen, furthermore the fossil of rare chalkstone type now in the world, it decreased, though say it is picking possible.

    Near Ochiai station

    Oji Ochiai factory : From station to north about 1 0 towns.

    Crab canned goods factory of glory beach : 13 town amount of production 1 days approximately to glory beach station getting off south thousand, business period from April to November

    Glory beach product display place : From the glory beach station to north the ethnic custom item Ainu and the exhibition of the agricultural product goods the inside of pipe are done at 2 town village barracks.

    Near 沢 of cascade (Yutaka Makoto line)

    Place of interest of cherry tree : There is a Prunus tomentosa in the nameless mountain between cascade no 沢 station east 4 00, bloom if the middle of June, the suitable facility is made, probably becomes perfect sightseeing area.

    Place of interest of tinted autumn leaves : Vicinity of the station all mountain takes on autumnal tints from the middle of September late to October and also the special train is driven to October at the place of interest of the Sakhalin only tinted autumn leaves.

    Near Maoka station

    Maoka support agency : Approximately 5 even numbers than station

    Oji Maoka factory : From station part 4 even number

    Maoka shrine : View of the grounds which is Yamate Cho it is the 浄 area which becomes beautiful.

    The stone monument of ネー captain : There is a hillock of south beach town. ネー captain some person obscurity

    Multi orchid Tomari native villages : 7 towns than the multi orchid Tomari stations, presently 342 people it is.

    Reservoir of the hand well : It is near the hand well station and it is crowded scenery discernment 媚, as a perfect fishing area

    Near Noda station

    Oji Noda factory : 10 towns than station

    Noda it is cold 嶽 : There is a northeast of town and 1030 meters in altitude, it is the Simauti prominent 秀 peak

    Near this 斗 station

    This 斗 park : 3 even numbers than station

    This 斗 shrine : According to of the Chubu mountain there is a hillock of 4 Chome

    Flattering happiness hot spring : Those where the flattering happiness river near the flattering happiness station gushes high-level are pulled up, the four seasons bath customer always

    Ruins of day raising person : 2 even numbers than flattering happiness station

    The Sakhalin Ouka place of interest : This 斗 town suburb is rich in the natural cherry tree tree, vicinity of the especially south beach is the place of interest of the Simauti first cherry tree

    吐 鯤 insulated mineral spring : It gushes to 18 towns and than this 斗 urban district and the hillside of the 吐 鯤 preservation river coast possesses the sulphur in spring quality and there is an effect and also the scenery around to be good is ideal area of sightseeing.

    吐 鯤 preservation petroleum prospecting area: From the station a little more than south 2 0 flight there is an automobile from the station which is done with management of town and the Nippon Oil Co., Ltd. company,

    Sect benevolence and white main thing : The south edge white main thing of this 斗 Gun Hiroshi governmental provided the working hard/employment turn place for the first time in 2 in the Matsumae feudal clan, it is the historic site where it should commemorate. As for sect benevolence the promontory focusing on as for the coastal odd stone mysterious rock of the front and back distinctiveness of public it does it is barrel scene victory

    Near Tomari staying station

    Oji Paper Co., Ltd. factory : There is a Tomari staying letter Higasihara 6 address.

    Tomari staying support agency : There to be on a southeast of town, several even numbers than the station

    The Sakhalin industrial crab can factory : Capture of タラバガニ of the adjacent waters from the fact that it is some which it should see establishment to 1930

    Daiei coal mine : It is located to Nayori Kawakami style and it is Oji's management.

    Satoshi coming native village : With multi orchid Tomari it is largest Ainu's village with Oaza of Nayori village

    House degree of rice field human village : Because Satoshi to come, 1 village there is a place where it is far and Satoshi comes and it is the village about of 4 分の1.

    Diploma of イクマナイ chief house : As for the イクマナイ house of house rice field village from the government of Edo at the name house which can order north Ezo representative name, it does the Sakhalin history and there is a る valuable diploma

    樺 iron area along the railroad line

    Swan lake : In order a little more than the around 3 villages, every year spring fall the swan to crowd, there to be a name, from November to March as for the lake surface freeze

    Shirahama native village : With the village which gathered Ainu of Shirahama station getting off and Toyohara support agency as for population 310

    Sudden 阻 mountain : It is close, top station getting off and the altitude 700 meter mountain the spear have the phase 貌 of the peak Hodaka mountain, summer the treasure house of the alpine plant, the winter are crowded with mountain base skiing, in order that it records, there is no grand view from the mountaintop, if you look at the cap cloud, it is accustomed to the mountain-climbing feeling of 1 ten thousand shaku or more.

    Horse group 潭 cherry tree mountain : North west approximately 1 village 3 0 towns and all the Yamaichi body Sakhalin of the horse group 潭 station the Prunus tomentosa grows gregariously deeply, differs from the Yamato cherry tree in Sakhalin which is lacking in the ど mountain flower is worthy of to appreciation, every year June 20 always sees, time

    Original Tomari support agency : Approximately 5 even numbers than original Tomari station

    秀 peak three ツ Fuji : With oak preservation station getting off and the altitude 737 meter sudden 阻 mountain they are three peaks of the Mt. Fuji type which is the 秀 ridge which is elected in the Sakhalin eight scenes and general term of connection of natural beauty of two cataracts. The alpine plant and being abundant, the alpinist probably will admire in natural heaven blessing of remainder.

    Oji intellectual taking factory : It is the scale of Orient one as Nisikita approximately 1 0 towns and a paper manufacture factory from the intellectual taking station.

    Intellectual taking coal mine : From station Nisikita approximately 15 towns

    Excursion official building : Nisikita approximately 18 towns of intellectual taking town, the mineral spring which designates the hydrogen sulfide as the main component it gushes and bathhouse is accommodations and completing, flight there is an automobile from intellectual taking,

    South 樺 railroad area along the railroad line

    River no inlet 濱 road seashore : The famous 濱 road seashore, the herring, summer is group coming magnificent view of salmon mass from the end of April to the earlier November 濱 road station getting off, as the Sakhalin very important fishery, the lily of the valley of early summer near 濱 road elementary school to be beautiful the crimson truth of フレップ of the Sakhalin specialty of fall is beautiful.

    Obara Otoyo Toyosaka farm village : From stationary multi adding stations to walking Obara 1 village 5 town, to Otoyo 4 village half, to Toyosaka 7 village semi- in each case this island prominent large farmer farming zone

    Stationary multi adding Onuma : It is ideal area of the duck hunting of late fall.

    Stationary multi adding rivers : The case of winter freezing the Hikami race place it converts

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