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    Juvenile Tomari ferryboat history

    As for the photograph above with the large Tomari port open sea the Hikami cargo handling the sub- garden circle which is done

    With this corner Wakkanai - large Tomari (Sakhalin) being something which conveys the one part of history of the juvenile Tomari route which ties it does. Presently the east Sea of Japan ferryboat has operated the Wakkanai - Korsakov route. Furthermore as for the bibliography "juvenile Tomari ferryboat history" (1974 Japanese National Railways blue е‡Ѕ ship railroad Bureaus of Administrative Services as for the) picture we use the Showa early literature where copyright does not occur mainly.

    Route chronological table

    With the revolution boat of 1923 May 1st Seki kettle ferryboat Iki circle the celebration since route establishment Wakkanai Cho establishing

    By 1923 June 8th Seki kettle ferryboat Tsushima circular revolution boat in 2 systems

    It runs aground with 1923 July 18th Tsushima circular Wakkanai Cho letter [shirikomanai] open sea

    1923 December 26th Wakkanai port (г‚Џ гЃЈ serving everyone) station opening

    1925 December 17th on the Tsushima circular Wakkanai Cho letter [noshiyatsupu] open sea north west running aground hull abandonment (the deceased 0)

    1927 December 8th new shipbuilding sub- garden circular commission

    1931 May 11th Iki circular end crossing the ocean

    1932 December new shipbuilding Soya circular commission (in sub- garden circle and 2 systems)

    1938 October 1st Wakkanai pier station opening (the temporary getting on and off place of the Wakkanai port station premise it handles)

    It is sunk the sub- garden circle which the revolution boat is done in 1945 August 10th blue е‡Ѕ route by the US military.

    1945 August 23rd large Tomari port departure 22: 00 Soya circular departure (approximately 4500 name embarkation)

    Around 1945 August 24th morning 4 o'clock last boat Soya circular arrival juvenile Tomari route in fact in the Wakkanai port pause

    Commission boat

    In Iki circular Nagasaki shipyard construction embarkation fixed capacity 512 names 1 and the like 18 names 2 and the like 64 names 3 and the like 430 names

    In the Tsushima circular Nagasaki shipyard construction embarkation fixed capacity 439 names 1 and the like 18 names 2 and the like 64 names 3 and the like 357 names

    In sub- garden circular Harima shipyard construction embarkation fixed capacity 754 names 1 and the like 18 names 2 and the like 102 names 3 and the like 634 names

    At the Soya circular Yokohama dock construction embarkation fixed capacity 790 names 1 and the like 18 names 2 and the like 102 names 3 and the like 670 names

    There is temporary commission of the дјЏ wooden circular Tamura circular Empire of Korea circle in other things,

    First juvenile Tomari route private boat sub- garden circle (near large Tomari port)

    Color of the juvenile Tomari route last construction boat Soya circular bridge part and the number of smokestacks are different


    Large Tomari

    The cherry tree bloom in the June middle, are times when the snow falls even at June.
    As for the day when day of summer is longest the dawn of 2 o'clock, around at the time of 21 the sundown, the earlier August 30 degrees exceeding
    As for snow late from October to May beginning, to the November - middle of April snowstorm, 12 - March intense cold period

    The Soya strait

    4 - Near October smoke occurring and the especially west Noto Lu promontory it is many occurrence

    Evacuation port at time of heavy weather

    Sakhalin: Each port of the inside sect benevolence promontory of stationary multi adding seven rivers bowl children

    Soya: Under ogre side д»™ priest Wakkasakanai hill ([rueran])

    Operation diamond

    1923 May 1st

    Summer (April - October) the Wakkanai 23:30 - large Tomari 7:30 large Tomari 21:00 - Wakkanai 5:00

    Winter season (November - March) the Wakkanai 9:00 - large Tomari 18:00 large Tomari 10:00 - Wakkanai 19:00

    1926 August 15th

    Summer (April - November) the Wakkanai 23:00 - large Tomari 7:00 large Tomari 22:30 - Wakkanai 6:30

    Winter season (December - March) the Wakkanai 9:00 - large Tomari 18:00 large Tomari 6:00 - Wakkanai 15:00

    1928 September 10th

    Summer (April - November) the Wakkanai 8:30 - large Tomari 16:30 large Tomari 11:00 - Wakkanai 19:00

    Winter season (December - March) the Wakkanai 8:30 - large Tomari 17: 30 large Tomari 6:00 - Wakkanai 15:00

    1934 December 1st

    Summer (June 1st - November 15th) the Wakkanai 23:30 - large Tomari 7:30 large Tomari 20:50 - Wakkanai 4:50

    Winter season (November 15th - June 1st) the Wakkanai 8:30 - large Tomari 16:30 large Tomari 8:30 - Wakkanai 16:30

    1942 November 15th

    (July 16th - May 14th) the Wakkanai 8:00 - large Tomari 16:00 large Tomari 12:30 - Wakkanai 20:30

    (May 15th - July 15th) the Wakkanai 11:30 - large Tomari 19:30 large Tomari 23:30 - Wakkanai 7:30

    From 1943 June only embarkation time statement departure time unclearly

    Nighttime it navigates is prohibited from 1943 September 24th.

    Passenger peak 3 of descent Sakhalin direction - May, the November some upward bottom January spring the herring fishing authorized personnel and the pioneer, fall it is crowded with the forestry authorized personnel.

    Passenger peak 9 of rising interior of a country direction - December, the authorized personnel who finishes herring fishing doing joy and sorrow, to be packed.

    Service at inboard

    It equips the newspaper to each passenger compartment, at no charge offers the Japanese brown, at the dining room and the seat sells the food and drink

    1941th year (offer item with dining room)

    Morning (6: 00 - 22: 00) Fixed food one-item thing liquor tobacco

    Night (22: 00 - 24: 00) Cold meat pan boiled rice coffee black tea candy ice liquor tobacco

    Nighttime early morning (0: 00 - 6: 00) Candy tobacco in addition

    Offer item with inboard dining room

    Morning fixed food (ocean)

    Oatmeal [hamuetsugusu] (omelette or fried fish) pan fruit coffee or black tea

    Morning fixed food (harmony)

    Miso soup direction attaching side attaching small attaching fragrance thing rice

    Noon night fixed food (ocean)

    Soup Pisces meats bread or rice fruit coffee or black tea

    Noon night fixed food (harmony)

    Sucking/absorbing thing direction attaching side attaching small attaching fragrance thing rice

    One-item sale

    The lunch (the or more fragrance thing rice of the cooking 2 item the) rice with chicken and egg (fragrance ones you attach the) lunch (the cooking 2 item rice the) curry rice

    The sandwich fly (the fish or the shellfish and the vegetable to attach the) cold meat (the vegetable you attach the) beefsteak

    1/4 loaf pans (the butter you attach or the substitute pan the) candy (the caramel and the like the) fruit canned goods

    Beer (the Sapporo giraffe) black beer cherry tree beer sake whisky phosphate three гѓ„ arrow soda pop

    Giraffe lemon coffee black tea

    Tobacco: Shikishima Asahi air ship cherry golden bat Hamaki: 櫻 Resounding/affecting dawn optical gold chicken 鵬 wing

    Gratuitous food

    When lag of 4 hours or more comes out in weather defectiveness accident and the like, being gratuitous, it offered. Because of that the food whose retention is long focusing on 3 weeks's amount it seems that was loaded in the boat .

    Example: 1943 December 27th sub- garden circle

    Morning salt trout ball greens dampening plum soaking rice

    Noon dried small woman boiled vegetables ball greens cooked food Japanese radish miso soak rice

    Reason large Tomari 30 minute delayed fire, 14: 10 minute foul weather, 17: In open sea inside 20 minute bowl children temporary Tomari

    Next morning 8: 00 removal йЊЁ, Wakkanai 14: Because 00

    The large Tomari port and the ferryboat sub- garden circle which freeze

    Hikami cargo handling

    If you saw from the interior of a country of that time, just there was a Hikami cargo handling in one of symbol of the polar north of foreign area and Sakhalin. The sub- garden bay which is closed in the drift ice, winter season because it is covered in the ice where also the port is thick, the boat anchored at the open sea about of 1200 meters about of of the same the barge goes and the passenger walked there, the baggage conveyance was done by the horse sled and the like.

    Also the fact that the ice cracks rarely it is, but it froze directly. The ice anchor пЅ° was installed making use of the rail and the rope etc. and the akahata and the sign, the night raised the illumination tower, installed the safety belt and guaranteed the passage. The time there was also a thing where the passenger and the sled are let flow with windage. Also this Hikami cargo handling became unable to do with commission of the sub- garden circle.

    If so most you look at the photograph above, depending upon when it seems that was done.

    Large Tomari port private lunch

    Disaster at sea accident

    To run aground with 1924 July 17th Tsushima circular open sea, to refloating 1 0 days

    The hot water gushed from 1924 August 27th Iki circular hot water incident boat and the incident which the passenger of the barge poured
    The deceased 1 burn 16 name minor burn 8 name

    1925 December 17th Tsushima circular гѓЋг‚·гѓЈгѓѓгѓ— open sea running aground sinking deceased 0

    To collide with 1934 June 3rd sub- garden circular fishing boat, 3 name deaths

    With 1938 November 11th Soya circular Wakkanai agency Ku open sea running aground 26 day refloating

    The Soya strait rough going history

    In one which is not forgotten in juvenile Tomari ferryboat history, history of rough going increases the г‚Љ. Also the ferryboat which navigates the Soya strait and that strait which become cold at that time because brash equipment has not been prepared, was continuation of rough going from the presently warming advances. Of course the fact that very it exceeds the Soya strait of the winter in the passenger not only the crew seems that has those which are close to very penance.

    In 1924 December 9th Tsushima circular large Tomari 22:00 departure - 14 day Wakkanai arrival passenger gratuitous food 5 time

    Because of 1925 February 17th Iki circular large Tomari 10:00 departure - 19 day 14:00 Wakkanai arrival intellectual will valley open sea drift ice temporary navigation impossibly

    Because of 1928 December 6th sub- garden circular large Tomari 6:00 departure - 8 day 7:00 Wakkanai arrival large storm you evacuate to seven river open seas temporarily

    Rescue (after all, it probably is difference of brash equipment with 1929 February 17th Iki circular Wakkanai 9:25 departure - 21 day 8:10 large Tomari arrival drift ice freeze it becomes navigation impossible with the sub- garden circle)

    Around 1929 February 24th Iki circular large Tomari 6:00 departure - 25th 0 o'clock in ogre side south anchorage - 26 day 12:00 Wakkanai arrival (to tell the truth flight, with round trip of return above crew tired as in longest record and riding together)

    Because of 1930 February 12th sub- garden circular large Tomari 7:00 departure - 14 day 5:40 Wakkanai arrival Wakkanai storm the passenger it could not go ashore.

    1931 January 26th Iki circular large Tomari 6:30 departure - 29th morning, because of the Wakkanai arrival drift ice standstill is made to rescue to the sub- garden circle.

    Because of 1931 February 2nd Iki circular large Tomari 7:00 departure - 5 day 8:00 Wakkanai arrival drift ice standstill February 4th sub- garden circular assistance and passenger transfer 14:15 open ice

    1931 February 14th Iki circular large Tomari 7:00 departure - 18th 11 o'clock floe 57 passengers it transfers to the sub- garden circle in the Wakkanai arrival old river open sea

    The Iki circle is rescued 1931 February 16th sub- garden circular large Tomari 7:45 departure - 17 days 15:20 Wakkanai arrival midway.

    With 1931 February 26th Iki circular large Tomari 23:00 departure - March 2nd 16:25 Wakkanai arrival bowl child open sea because of floe

    Because of 1933 February 2nd Soya circular large Tomari 8:30 departure - 3 day 11:00 Wakkanai arrival west Noto Lu open sea drift ice

    1937 February 15th Soya circular Wakkanai 10 time with 15 departure - 300 meter open seas because of drift ice for 48 hour standstill navigation failure repair

    For 1937 February 15th sub- garden circular large Tomari 9:00 departure - the storm because of the 17:00 large Tomari arrival 20 day 0:05 finally large Tomari departure - Wakkanai drift ice, not be able to enter port, 21 day 6:45 Otaru arrival

    1939 February 5th - 23 days, because of drift ice the Wakkanai port blockade

    Because of the 1944 March 7th Soya circular large Tomari 5:40 departure - Wakkanai drift ice not be able to enter port, - 9 day 6:50 Rumoi arrival

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