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    Before the Russo-Japanese War (imperialism Russian age) [Vladimirovka]

    (' The Showa history separate volume 3 100000000 ' from reprinting)

    Presently, ユジノ which becomes the provincial capital of Sakhalin state - [saharinsuku] the population 17 14000 people (1991) is the Sakhalin first city which it counts. This town was called Toyohara in the Japanese rule period, it was the address of the Sakhalin agency, was central area with administrative economic both sides. This Toyohara in the Japanese rule first stage is the city where it is constructed deliberately as a central city of the Sakhalin management. Toyohara of time before the that was no more than a small village approximately of the number of houses, 30 [Vladimirovka].

    As for details of this new city formation, so far vaguely theories were whispered, but the unclear point was many. Problem it should do, they are 2 points of contents of conception of thing and the concrete construction which that you say whether Toyohara's city conception in when someone devises the some kind of reason here.
    First, チェーホフ which visits this area concerning this [Vladimirovka], has recorded as follows.

    Furthermore when five kilometers it goes, there is [Vladimirovka] village. The fact that the village is possible at 1881, is something which takes the name of Major Vladimir which manages labor job that way. The immigration prisoners チョ - the ルナヤ ray CHIKA (read also Kurokawa). Inhabitant 91, boy 55, 36 women. As for the household head 46, 19 person among those leads the life of horizon loneliness, squeezes the milk of the self 牝 cow. Among 27 households, the fact that it marries formally is just six households. As an agricultural colony, this village has the value hitting of the extent which wraps both regions of the north section, but even to that with the person of the free status which comes to Sakhalin in spite, concerning the husband, the most valuable woman only the one person who passes has lived here the woman who does not receive the soiling of the jail, in other words for colony. In addition, even that one person recently, the spots it was troubled with the jail with suspicion of the husband murder.

    With, image of the deserted village which is made very bloody is drawn. As for being important here, as for this village of the 「 it is one paragraph, 」 which has the value hitting of the extent which wraps both regions of the north section. as for this has done it suggests that positioning already, as a center of agricultural colony of the central plain section to [Vladimirovka], at 1890 stage where チェーホフ visits. Furthermore, it has shown also thing and simultaneously [Vladimirovka] is no more than a deserted village of the deportation people in spite. In the Sakhalin of that time village, as for scale of [Vladimirovka], "number of houses 56 door ・ population 136 people" never they are not small ones, but it is not especially big reason.

    With just such data, that it cannot answer in the question which you say whether why it is [Vladimirovka]. If these it is [Vladimirovka] immediately after the being formed and you say strictly, the Russian territory final period has not been shown, is because.

    [Vladimirovka] immediately before the Russo-Japanese War. In the Sakhalin capture maneuvers of dew war, there was relatively extreme battle near the [Vladimirovka] suburban troop river. Because with this battle from July 11th extending through the 12th, Major Nishikubo infantry battalion commander of the Japanese military has died in battle, in game description it is important episode.

    he southern Sakhalin capture troop, on July seventh the woman 麗 from, landing on same eighth from large Tomari, the same day occupied Korsakov securely, and, ソロウィヨフカ (the shell mound) trapped also the artillery. Leman party attacking 壤 on the tenth, ウラヂミロフカ (Toyohara) to occupy, ダリネー (the troop river) to be based on to the jungle from 11 days, to start the attack to the Russian troop who resists obstinately, because hanging down it is with the time where it does it destroyed the 之 completely in 12 day noon, through rear 此 day the Sakhalin occupation period sense day it decided. During 此 fighting hard, Ichiro Yutaka Nishikubo 50th regiment first battalion army infantry major accomplished the death in battle which becomes brave.

    This ' new 撰 large Tomari history ' is description, but seeing whatever literature of that time not just this, those where you tried the resistance where the Russian troop is extremest were not Korsakov which is step source area, were near this [Vladimirovka], that it is described. [Vladimirovka] hits to the center of the central plain, in order to hit against the node of two highways, can say that certainly it is the important position with respect to the strategy,, but stretching small-numbered defensive game, the many capture troops it intercepts, it is disadvantageous topography.

    It is important as for here if anything to that as a capture goal, assuming, that defensive side did losing falling, it is the expectation which does not reach in fatal defeat. So, why the Russian troop you probably try obstinate resistance here? As the answering, we would like to try looking at the letter to the hometown of a certain military service soldier first. As for name of that soldier new house Sintaku. It is, the nameless one soldier of the deserted village graduate, Fukui prefecture Hanyu.

    (To occupy Korsakov) the following nine days advancing rapidly on July 8th, while the chase せ doing and at the light dress nine village middle temporary advancing, the inlet occupying る (starting reaching to the north edge of large village, [Vladimirovka]) and in the enemy when fighting and the 暫 the rear his れ and others of fierce battle a little more than killed and wounded 20 name and abandoning four guns and machine gun two in the battlefield, disturbing the array, you are routed in south. The time around six o'clock in the afternoon it does to become, multiply in spirit, present inlet occupying る occupation, present clear air city and it is renamed, (as for the clear air occupation battalion Osana, after formally Toyohara and designation). This daily allowance two battalion vanguard Hari reveals one night to Hatanaka. The next day ten day reserve forces it is to become the り. Number of houses barely at the area of of being accustomed ど prominence inside and outside 300, last year since opening war it constructs the inlet occupying る and there is barrel big quarters Ninohe, the trophy of the weapon foods is not little... (the source: Russo-Japanese War of Oe Sinobu ' soldiers ')

    Those where we would like to observe here are the big barracks of the thing 」 「 new construction where 「 [Vladimirovka] is expressed the 「 large village 」 and 2 points of the thing 」 which has the mass weapon food. Because of this, as for obstinate resistance of the Russian troop, it is found that is, because here it is important base for the Russian troop. Furthermore, the Haseba pure filial piety ' Sakhalin travelogue ' like below there is description

    [Vladimirovka] ranks the 恰 and is similar in ルイコフ in the north section, the topography of the 其, on the center of the southern plain and through Korsakov if makes Osaka of the interior of a country, the reverse side ジ ミ ロ shark is similar to Kyoto. Dew country as 枢 Ku of the southern interior of a country, it makes 其 management same to Korsakov, seems like the quarters which especially are in the midst of present time constructing to a scale Hiroshi 壮 such as quarters, hospital, prison and school, to that becomes the medium 々 magnificent, the village of the 此 side, in the soldier fire to do not to fall sick, it takes truly in our troop and the て should thing and the 謂 ふ of big happiness...

    As understood with these statements, [Vladimirovka] development was advancing quickly simply not only there are quarters of new construction, as the step source area which is similar to Korsakov. It was not the Komura kind of falling which チェーホフ visits at the time of Russo-Japanese War, there was also a hospital, there was also a prison which is placed by all means in principal urban district of the Russian era, the school and the temple had been even.

    The case of Russo-Japanese War, Korsakov which is southern central urban district it burnt to that, but reconstructing that Korsakov, rather than making the government office address, the conception that had been put already out from first year of the Japanese era it is favored by geographical condition, constructing new urban district in [Vladimirovka] whose latent possibility is large at the same time as an agricultural basis area it should make the capital city.

    In regard to the conception, we would like to express in the following page.

    The opinion which is called to Toyohara the 」 1906 (1906) already as stipulated policy had been decided the 「 central government office in beginning the year. Gathering the nerve center of garrison and civil administration station 1906 (1906) from year January 31st extending through February 1st, civil administration station you attach the fact that it did this important decision influencing the Sakhalin management after, it was the occasion of the resolution 」 regarding the 「 first urban design which is executed. with example Younosuke Suzuki who is the secondary consul attends this meeting, ' the occupied territory administration one case Sakhalin no section which depends on day dew war ' reports the resolution gist among them. The part regarding ウラジミロフカ is excerpted when,

    The resolution gist regarding the urban design

    1. The central government office which generalizes Sakhalin plans as those which are installed in the 「 [Vladimirovka] 」
    2. The person who in the future lays the railroad between the 「 [Vladimirovka] 」 「 Korsakov 」 doing, it plans


    [Vladimirovka] city
    11, [Vladimirovka] city being based on the gist the left and to in late main year March surveying
    1. Area of area of the 其 east east tract and the west side width 500 Yonenaga thousand United States of the present reverse side ジ ミ ロ shark Seinan one road the urban district is planned reaching up to near the south approximately thousand United States of the same village than the north edge of [Vladimirovka] city
    2. The quarters site it forms near the present old dew national hospital
    3. Position of the official 衙 makes near the east 700 United States of 「 ブリジネエ 」 highway turning point
    Conferring deciding 12, after the measured drawing fixed forming furthermore in regard to the item of details

    It resolves at the time of the first meeting regarding the urban design 1906 January 31st and February first the right
    Kiichiro Kumatani civil administration director
    Celebration Saburo Tazawa garrison staff
    Yuuzirou civil administration station civilian Ozaki
    Civil administration station you attach, Younosuke Suzuki secondary consul
    The civil administration station part-timer engineer Seki mountain it is good help First just looks at the participant importance of at this meeting is known that can. Yuuzirou civil administration station civilian Ozaki is number 2 of civil administration station of internal affair department manager existence. If the garrison commander is excluded, it becomes garrison and that the leader of civil administration station participates. Younosuke Suzuki because the Sakhalin experience at the old consular mansion is long, being bought that experience, it probably is required participation as an opinion turn and, in addition mountain Ryosuke Seki being the graduate of the Sapporo agriculture school engineering works manufacture subject 7th period, passing the North Sea Hokkaido Government Office railroad section, has become the part-timer engineer in the Sakhalin civil administration station. As for him the possibility of having learned from agriculture school age concerning the Hokkaido farmland Ku drawing technique was high, it is thought that it was the one person of the business center, in urban district measuring facilities business.

    The 1st section ・ of this resolution gist the binary is the decisive answer for Toyohara 「 transfer of the capital 」 problem. As for this, as for central area of the Sakhalin management it was [Vladimirovka], as for Korsakov as for thing and the immediate management which lay the railroad in order to promote thing and the 「 capital city 」 construction which are communication base of the home country it suggested that among other things it does around these 2 cities on the center.
    The 11th section new city Toyohara's scale and position of the central facility clearly the finger is something which is shown. First, it designates near south approximately 1,000 m as starting point from the 「 [Vladimirovka] north edge concerning the position of the new city, the width 500 m length 1,000 m 」 of west side of the area 」 「 [Vladimirovka] Seinan one road of the east tract is decided from 」 「 here. It is seen that position of old urban district which was seen from new urban district was set according to of almost this description. The fact that the rather concrete number has entered vis-a-vis the setting position, probably will be because the part-timer engineer Seki mountain well help has participated in this decision. Perhaps, him or extra measurement is thought by the garrison staff that you had already done. If next, as for the indication, the 「 garrison quarters site - 」 「 Sakhalin agency near the old dew national hospital - it has become the east approximately 700 m 」 of 「 ブリジネエ 」 highway turning point. you look at the Toyohara urban figure two facilities which become the heart of this new city, concerning the position of the Sakhalin garrison barracks area and the Sakhalin agency, also this number should judge as proper ones.

    Background of Toyohara 「 transfer of the capital 」
    ' The land dense large diary ' full denseness it receives the reason of such decision and, it can infer from the opinion Shin's regarding the facility with respect to 179th number 「 Sakhalin garrison military affair case 」. this is the report which the garrison headquarters apply to the army entire General Staff Office and it keeps looking at the part which expresses from here, in regard to the reason of facility position fixing when,
    ' The land dense large diary ' full denseness it receives, the opinion Shin's regarding the facility with respect to 179th number 「 Sakhalin garrison military affair case 」 (excerpt)

    Ten, position of the central government office and the garrison main force in future

    In the future how it should organize this island rule agency and you discontinue problem should establish the central government office and the garrison main force in each position for a while and should establish in the central government office which requires investigation large area is not outside in two places the left and 而, are each interests,

    Two [Vladimirovka] of one Korsakov 其 of 其
    When traffic with the east west coast it becomes easy, at the time of the time when it can do the traffic and summer navigation with the interior of a country climatic warmth it becomes the 尤 and the place where it makes profitable the being accustomed in the future the many 殖 people transferring/changing live to do "Korsakov" truly to come, if in position south you discuss to the reason which partial is done from with respect to 殖 civil administration step, vis-a-vis the 「 ススヤ 」 「 ドブキ 」 both river drainage basin in area of the 此 the central government office is located the engaging in て with respect to the topography which is made the disadvantageous large appearance in regard to convenient it becomes agricultural encouragement compared to the land hill constructs big urban district mainly in fishing industry administration to become disadvantageous, furthermore from with respect to military affair If it does, through partial it does in the Nankai bank, when making the main force the area of the 此, the motion for the enemy of 「 ditch キ 」 direction it does not become easy and it becomes the enemy is captured once to an area of the 且 此 and retreating to north, through preparation of what it is not the enemy and opposition せ る yes you do not drive near the 「 [Vladimirovka] 」 at the time of peacetime unhappily should fall in Korsakov to compare the 「 reverse side ジ ミ ロ shark 」, through it is distant with the harbor, climate a little to cold the traffic inconvenience by the sea route it becomes at the point where the 其 makes disadvantageous to become, also the 尤 with respect to nature れ agriculture becomes promising the center of the plain where Through it is located, in the 此 place transferring/changing in order that pouring mind to the tendency agricultural product of human nature it reaches the point of, rivaling the central government office, it immigrates reaching viewing
    The seashore to become complete, the Ae て it considers the traffic inconvenient it becomes if transportation you see from in regard to overland route traffic less than, the center of the aorta which penetrates the plain where also the 尤 in empire territory becomes fertile to a assembly point of the road which reaches to the 「 Korsakov 」 「 マウカ 」 「 ドブキ 」 「 リƒ…トカ 」 it is the り
    Shape victory of the mountain river is occupied and to land wide Jun defends the area of the 此 scantily coming in order that change it does to come geographical feature to the large, a little disadvantage does at the time of future constitution of the 随 っ て position should reach to the easy training む る in the defensive position which should be enough the town is constructed to be possible from with respect to military affair also the 亦 to become area of important at the time of 唯 present one vis-a-vis each direction

    Side point part 「 in the future transferring/changing live the fact that we should observe with these contents, to do the many 殖 people, it comes truly and through 」 and on the center of the plain where also the 尤 with respect to 「 agriculture becomes promising it is located in the 此 place transferring/changing in order that pouring mind to the tendency agricultural product of human nature it reaches the point of, vis-a-vis the 「 ススヤ 」 「 ドブキ 」 both river drainage basin rivaling, the central government office it immigrates the reaching viewing 」 are one paragraph. at this stage garrison and civil administration station it is found that it has placed the agronomics in the plain section around Toyohara in the axis of colonization activity. Consequently, as for the central barrel government office of rule it was necessary to place on Toyohara. And, as for the reporter as for the traffic circumstance which is geographical defect of Toyohara's with laying the railroad the 「 transportation it becomes complete and the Ae て considers what was thought the 」 is found less than.
    New [Vladimirovka] urban district namely Toyohara's construction started like above with the reason as the Sakhalin agency location schedule area.
    Concerning concrete division standard, we would like to express with the following section.

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