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    The Sakhalin tundra

    Tundra of river drainage basin inside top

    At today it has become general common sense to be the zone which had the unique view which is called the tundra in Sakhalin. As for that being advertised it has reached the point of as for the Sakhalin inhabitant of course thing, for the people who visit Sakhalin as contrast of the sight-seeing which is strong charm.


    If in Russian, you say from origin of a word, it is the noun which points to non trees area and the zone which does not have the forest, but when, tundra in present soil study, inside the polar circle or in the zone which is close to this whether extremely low temperature natural condition it points to the soil which had the special type which is formed by the special weathering which is done.

    At the area which generally is close to the polar region it is general for permafrost to exist.

    Section of tundra

    The Sakhalin tundra

    There is an opinion with respect to various theories, perhaps, but the tundra of the polar region the point and the permafrost which have been similar to the bog of some differing and Hokkaido to be rather wide from the fact that among other things the point and the Russian who exist called the tundra, it is suitable to call the Sakhalin tundra.

    Research of the Sakhalin tundra

    In order recycling of the unknown thing course of Sakhalin and to devise of application, enormous research cost of the extent which can be thought as abnormality with the funds person of the big business Suzuki store of Kobe of Meiji era is thrown and presently it is in the midst of researching.

    The Suzuki store tundra dehydration factory which in 1912 was built in Kawagisi дЅђ knowledge inside the top

    Distribution of the Sakhalin tundra

    If you mention the tundra, as for most of the tundra of extent and Sakhalin, plain inside the top there is a plain inside the top. The other tundra area where the area is small mostly, it can see in the deposition гЃ› and others г‚Њ г‚‹ place of the mud due to rivers inundation in the swamp band of the rivers drainage basin.

    South Sakhalin tundra distribution chart

    Rearing plant ホロムイイチゴ of tundra

    Utilization of the Sakhalin tundra

    Primitively, Ainu and the other former people of the е…¶ it had used as the decontaminating chemical and the suppuration inhibitor of the wound.

    In the Russian type log structure house it can discover the fact that dry ones of the tundra are used as a bulking agent of the log material.

    Furthermore since possessing it is utilized as the medicine for bath with the Sakhalin people. Inserting the lump of the tundra in the cotton sack and the like when the bath is boiled, being something which bathes, the hot water the г‚Љ towel dyes to the brown in the copper, it is said but that the hot water it cools down and does not do and there is an effect in healing of the arthritis and the like. The medicine for bath is produced at the Sakhalin tundra industry ГєX.

    The Sakhalin tundra industrial ГєX дЅђ intellectual temporary office

    In addition the packing medicine for the gardening and one for retention of the fruit vegetable fresh fish etc. research of the scientific manufactured products which utilize the component of the tundra is advanced. In addition also research to the fodder and the food is done, this way the tundra does with гЃ№ coming ones which are attached importance as the unique resource of our country.

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