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    About the Sakhalin nurturing fox industry

    Nurturing fox place of the Chitose village shell mound

    Nurturing fox place announcement of credit cooperative of Sakhalin north circles road village

    Nurturing fox place of small swamp

    Nurturing fox industry

    As for natural features climate of this island there is an environment which is most favored to the management of fur industry. It is not accidental for course of nurturing fox industry gaining force to rise to the Simauti every place, as a recent еїЅ way. Now as for those of the place where fur industry is controlled worldwide climatic natural features good in addition to being suited, as for the land which becomes abundant inexpensive of the fodder being necessary there is Sakhalin in the one end without either the гѓ™ гЃЏ which is said. However, reaching up to the management of breeding technology history of establishment to be shallow because it is lacking in experience regrettable if one з–‡ is not transported to the Canadian & America etc. advanced nation, there is a circumstance which is not.

    The Sakhalin nurturing fox business

    The nurturing fox which 1918 is no more than 362 heads traces the way of increase since then and reaches to 4219 in 1933 of 15 years later and calculation does 8 71 3 heads to 9 and goes hand in hand with the establishment of the Sakhalin colonization plan and also 15 year plan of the nurturing fox are executed, 30000 heads have pushed on in goal.

    In 1934 also the many Canadian type silver black fox being imported reached the point of. Until recently, in Sakhalin from quality you had put emphasis on the quantity, but if from present condition of the worldwide fur market, superior ones of quality are not produced, being to become profit impossible, it executes the registration system of 1934 kind fox regarding the Sakhalin agency and endeavors in improvement, hits to also the sale control of the production fur positively from 11.

    The union regarding the nurturing fox presently reaches to 19, in the future is expected as one of strategic industry in regard to the Sakhalin colonization

    Nurturing fox general condition (end of January the of 11)

    17 black fox female 20 males

    Silver black fox female 4881 male 4403 national female 59 national male 5 0 heads

    Red fox female 186 male 10 7 heads

    79 crimson fox female 75 males

    60 cruciform fox female 102 males

    Blue fox 00

    Production 83 0 7 head national production 267 head fur 3897 national furs 179

    Nurturing fox volume of manufacture (October of 9 - January of 10)

    Kind fox sale fur production of classified by support agency

    258 Toyohara 306 head 90270 Yen 31520 Yen

    429 large Tomari 200 head 68680 Yen 58035 Yen

    11 stationary multi adding 19 head 7400 Yen 1340 Yen

    Book ж–— 39 11 head 3100 Yen 1394 Yen

    зњћ 138 Oka 44 head 11250 Yen 13508 Yen

    34 Tomari staying 18 head 3500 Yen 2410 Yen

    Cormorant castle 25 65 3900 Yen 7425 Yen

    19 original Tomari 112 head 41650 Yen 1760 Yen

    Bed fragrance 01 350 Yen

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