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    The Sakhalin food wholesale market

    In me of the bed ayu greens market and the market lover of the market of the Sakhalin most north what kind of fish and having Seika ones?

    The winter whether it is what circumstance and so on is the place where there is an interest very. (Perhaps as for being suitable cold you understand. It is about to become matter of concern)

    Food wholesale market: The market which designates buying and selling the fish meats Aves egg vegetable fruit and the like as purpose existed until recently, but the business state does and й — г‚‹ non control from thing, while being bothered of the consumer the гЃ– г‚Љ considers to circumstance and establishment of the market becomes the license system of the director depending upon 1932 agency food wholesale market rule, the similar market, becomes one town village one place and permission period within 10 years, as for the Simauti market total number in during 1934 10, trade volume has reached to 2012028 Yen.

    Simauti's each market

    Large Tomari phosphorescence scaly optical fish greens market ГєX 1934 May 10th establishment

    Mosquito sign stationary multi adding market 1933 December 1st establishment

    Ochiai fish greens market (partnership) 1933 December 23rd establishment

    Circular city Toyohara market 1934 March 29th establishment

    Three scaly intellectual taking fish greens market ГєX 1933 November 6th establishment

    Bed ayu greens market ГєX 1933 November 13th establishment

    Main ж–— fish greens market ГєX 1934 May 10th establishment of one sign

    зњћ Oka fish greens market ГєX 1933 November 28th establishment

    зњћ Oka Cho fishery guild joint fish market 1933 November 17th establishment

    Circular г‚Ё blessing й € taking fish greens market ГєX 1933 October 23rd establishment

    Toyohara market important article value (1935 end of August presently)

    Polished rice 1 sho 0.34 Yen

    Soybean гЂ… 0.24 Yen

    Miso hundred momme 0.07 Yen

    Soy sauce 1 sho 0.65 Yen

    0.05 Yen table salt 1 loaves

    Bonito paragraph hundred momme 1.8 Yen

    Japanese radish гЂ… 0.03 Yen

    Potato гЂ… 0.04 Yen

    Onion гЂ… 0.04 Yen

    Takuan soak гЂ… 0.2 Yen

    Pickled plums гЂ… 0.2 Yen

    Tofu 1 even number 0.1 Yen

    Salt salmon 1 иІ« momme 1.4 Yen

    Salt trout гЂ… 0.55 Yen

    Kelp гЂ… 3 Yen

    Dry laver1 её– 0.5 Yen

    Beef hundred momme 0.7 Yen

    Pork гЂ… 0.6 Yen

    Chicken гЂ… 1 Yen

    Milk 1 go 0.05 Yen

    10 eggs 0.55 Yen

    Liquor (interior of a country) 1 sho 2.4 Yen

    Liquor (Simauti) гЂ… 1.1 Yen

    1 soda pop 0.2 Yen

    1 ton 13 of coal. 25 Yen

    Firewood (fallen leaves pine) 4 Yen 1 beds

    Charcoal 1 0 иІ« mommes 1. 5 Yen

    1 soap 0.2 Yen

    After all, it should call, or as for the liquor the interior of a country product 2 times that or more the Simauti product and has become the quality item. After, the fact that the chicken is higher than the beef is the strange place.

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