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    The ski site race track of Sakhalin

    White princess mountain ski site and white princess иНШ

    The bell valley mountain range is desired from the Kasuga highland

    Skiing most spreads as an island skill of this island and produces many international players for a long time, presently produces the many promising players but typical ones are as a ski site of this island as though it is following.

    Asahi hill ski site

    Asahi which suburban of the Toyohara town is proud of Orient one and south of the Sakhalin shrine there is a hill comprehensive ski site. It is rich in slope quite change and perfect course is provided. Large [shiyantsue] and completing the cabin are the Sakhalin pride which it should be proud in entire country.

    White princess mountain ski site

    Deeply from the snow station of the agency iron Tomari ж¶Ѓ line there is a little more than a western 3 kilometer. Cabin "white princess иНШ" the day room bed bathhouse resting room and it is simple, but equipment completes well, also each room has the condition of the hotel. As for fee 1 1 Tomari 30 sen, as for the meal if applies to the keeper, breakfast 20 sen noon and evening 25 sen (the pig juice to be attached) with it has meant to maintain. It is management of the Sakhalin agency railroad. The pig juice tastily so!

    Kasuga highland

    With good [gerende] of the жЊ§ northern tract of the зАІ which names generically the mountain ridge of green Kozan Maruyama жЂї mountain [watsuka nupuri] unique existence is shown by the fact that the condition of the snow is good as a paradise of skiing, as "a snow of the Kasuga highland" always, in the beginner and it is the ski site of the ideal winter in the proficiency person. To equip the stove in the cabin, because the firewood is prepared, to take warm, immediately being to be Ogawa under without worry, the water also flight is good.

    еѓґ Stand ski site

    With Nisiguti's highest peak which lines up with the Kasuga highland of the Yutaka Makoto line east mouth, еѓґ the course whose change is many is scattered to Kitaomote of the long ridge which from triangulation stations of northern approximately 1 kilometer of stand station extends to west, snow quality gently can be good and taste the feel of the dry snow with the feature. Especially, view from the top being truly grand, does to become drunk from the mountain beauty and it probably is the гВМ гВЛ.

    The Sakhalin horse racing

    In order spread of the horse thing idea which is horse racing original purpose, furthermore to urge the improvement multiplication of the product horse at the Sakhalin agency horse racing was encouraged, but in 1932 agency it decides гБ£ гБ¶ horse racing rule from here and amends in 9 and 1 2 Yen in poll ticket face value designates as 2 and also frequency of competition makes within 1 day 14 time and has reached to presently.

    The Sakhalin race track installation features

    Toyohara large Tomari stationary multi adding зЬЮ Oka Tomari staying blessing й†И taking intellectual taking bed fragrance

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