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    About [nibuhu]

    Address and family of [nibuhu]

    [nibuhu] and dog sled

    From Kazuto and Ainu [sumerenkuru] (the person west) with [nibuhu] which was called, [giriya] - it was called [ku] from the Russian. Originally, it seems that lives over the times when the person who is in the continent is old and arrives. As in Sakhalin resided near the west seashore and multi coming adding, in investigation of the Sakhalin agency 1932 [nibuhu] 113 has counted.

    Social life

    Sakhalin Ainu and [uiruta] fishing and hunting it lives in the same way on the center, capture method seems that uses the high-level difference net and the like for 19 century first stage somewhat than the other person. In addition receiving the influence of [uiruta] it seems that raising the reindeer becomes normally in Showa first stage. In addition the life surplus item it had traded with other race same as other Sakhalin former race.


    The house same as the Sakhalin Ainu with the difference of temperature, the hole the place where it stays and seems that has the place of the temporary house.

    Residence area

    It seems that resides around the tare squid of bed adding support agency. In addition it seems that northern small-numbered race of key phosphorus thunder [yakuto] and the like resides to in addition to.


    The Sakhalin former race, [nibuhu] ([giriya] - [ku]) [uiruta] (Orokko the method which has interest in) Sakhalin Ainu the North Sea prefectural northern race museum which is Abashiri city is the 奨 め.

    There are also exhibition ones of each race and there is also the explanation which very is easy to understand.

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