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    [uiruta](Orokko) about

    Residence of ウイルタand summer

    Originally, it belongs to Tungus system with the race which has basis in the continent, it seems the Sakhalin mainly bed fragrance and that resides around multi coming adding. The self named [uiruta], was called Orokko from Ainu and Kazuto. According to the investigation of the Sakhalin agency 1941 [uiruta]278 is recorded to the bed fragrance support agency center.

    Social life

    [uiruta]seems that lives with the group which is called Gaza. While without residing unlike Ainu's [kotan], with the reindeer moving inside a certain fixed area it seems that lives. In addition the life surplus item it seems that trades with the Sakhalin Ainu and the mountain red lead person of the continent.

    Life of four seasons

    It is similar to the Sakhalin Ainu to retain the food because it prepares for the winter when between of the fall, stacking the household effects seeking the tundra where the reindeer likes from the back of the reindeer, while moving, fishing, lives from the early summer which does not have the snow, is harsh. In winter the reindeer in the forest is designated as pasture and, the self making the house for the winter, seems that lives to thawing of snow. Same as the Sakhalin Ainu it seems the meat of the fish animal and that eats the foundation Konomi, it seems that but the reindeer which is raised it cannot eat, expedient and the skin of movement for clothing and the house it uses.


    The fall moving from early summer, when living, tearing off the skin of the wood, the roof you live in the temporary house which is overturned, in winter the roof which used the жЁє wooden skin and the fish skin it seems that lives in the house which is overturned.


    Unlike the Sakhalin Ainu, it seems that depends on the hide and the fish skin.


    Religion as done between Tungus family, with shamanism, the shaman who has special character in the human being by all means, prayer and religion event seems that does.

    Residence area

    It had resided mainly around the tare squid of bed adding. In the tare squid northern small-numbered race such as [nibuhu] and key phosphorus thunder [yakuto] had resided to in addition to.


    As resided even in the Hokkaido Abashiri not only Sakhalin, there is data mansion [jiyatsuka] [dohuni] which [dahinnienigendanu] of [uiruta]which resides made in Abashiri city. In addition there is also a [uiruta]association

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