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    The Sakhalin place of interest guide (this ж–— support agency)

    This ж–— town town

    1 kilometer than main ж–— station of 1 ж–— port

    Before this island possessing it was no more than Ainu's being scattered village, but, because of the Yutaka з©Ј of the marine products forest products ore product near at the west coastal southern important place which develops quickly by the thing which is known, the west coastal railroad north running does this area as a starting point, communication with the interior of a country is done by the juvenile ж–— ferryboat. Because of the Sakhalin only ice-free harbor position of heaven blessing is closed.

    300 meters than main ж–— station of 2 these ж–— parks

    As for the park being this ж–— urban district reverse side mountain highland, be possible view to master from the spring reaching to Hatuaki, those which it goes sightseeing are many.

    3 bird dance Sawaisi oil drill place books ж–— flight there is 2 kilometer automobile,

    Drill is done with management of the Nippon Oil Co., Ltd. corporation. Season other than winter season is possible in inspection.

    4 еђђ йЇ¤ preservation mineral spring books ж–— flight there is approximately 2 kilometer automobile,

    To gush to the hillside of the еђђ йЇ¤ preservation river coast and to possess the sulphur in spring quality and there be an effect and also the scenery around to be good to be ideal area of sightseeing, the four seasons bath customer always.

    5 hippocampus islands

    This island there is open sea of Seinan 67 kilometer of this ж–— port and it is the island which in the scenery stopping good, is rich unusual plant to an area of production of the kelp sea urchin which becomes superior around approximately 20 kilometers, with as the population 700 people. From this ж–— port at liner approximately 5 hours

    Also the shoreline is beautiful the hippocampus island of national park level

    Top coal mine inside 6

    The book ж–— - the inside top coal mine (16 пЅҐ 4 kilometers) is open to traffic with management of the inside top coal mine railroad corporation, is the lighthouse and this island only Ouka's name victory area south жї± of the air main thing in the roadside.

    The inside top coal mine

    The inside top coal mine

    Approximately 80 kilometers than top station inside 7 south жЁє historic site opening island commemoration towers

    The good benevolence where the е‚‘ loyal retainer of the shrine forest warehouse and the Matsuda Hiroshi ten йѓЋ etc. between the pioneer barrel of the Sakhalin development for the first time records the footprint in Sakhalin it is it is the commemoration tower in order to record the village white main thing permanently. It is categorized to the most southern part of this island and flight there is an automobile excluding winter season.

    8 west Noto Lu promontories

    Scenery stopping good, the Hokkaido Soya promontory it confronts each other to a promontory of the most south edge of this island.

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