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    The Sakhalin place of interest guide (Maoka support agency)

    зњћ Oka of 1907 time

    Maoka town

    Very the nice Maoka junior high school school building

    Farm village village of bank inside Maoka support agency orchid Tomari village wealth

    The Sakhalin industrial corporation Maoka factory (crab canned goods factory)

    1 Oji Paper Co., Ltd. corporation Maoka factory (Maoka Cho letter south жї± town 8 Chome) approximately 400 meters than Maoka station

    At the large factory of the all reinforced concrete make of 1918 establishment the employee approximately 690 names, is famous even with that scale Simauti.

    It is enshrined in Yamate Cho which becomes 2 Maoka shrine Maoka Cho hillock

    View of the grounds it is the 浄 area which becomes beautiful, every year annual festival July 10.11th is the ceremony which the worship-visitor mainly is seen rarely.

    3 space/large house distantly the Tomari central test branch it is rough northern 4 kilometers of shellfish station

    Business has raised, in addition domestic animal such as horse sheep such as test, distribution and rearing of the seed and seedling regarding kind art mainly.

    Approximately 4 kilometers than 4 central research institute easy йєїMarine Products Div. easy йєїstations

    Production investigation cultivation and various tests of the aquatic products are done.

    The Sakhalin agency fisheries experiment station (Maoka support agency orchid Tomari village)

    1 kilometer than 5 Oji Paper Co., Ltd. corporation Noda factory Noda stations

    It is the large factory employee approximately 300.

    A little more than 700 meters than 6 multi orchid Tomari native village multi orchid Tomari stations

    Presently the Sakhalin Ainu is 359 9 2 doors. Each of them is operating the side agriculture of fishing industry. In public elementary school with the interior of a country person it is educating.

    Multi orchid Tomari Sakhalin Ainu village

    Approximately 2 kilometers than 7 multi orchid Tomari ovum collection places and hatchery multi orchid Tomari stations

    The middle of September fall гЃЈ гЃ¦ name has known the egg laying period of salmon and the appreciation of the tinted autumn leaves from here. In addition there is a hatchery of the salmon egg in area of 4 kilometers than the station.

    Approximately 500 meters than 8 Noboru Hukutsu native village Noboru Hukutsu stations

    Presently 91 Sakhalin Ainu 1 9 doors live, exclusively you engage to fishing industry.

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