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    The Sakhalin place of interest guide (Tomari staying support agency)

    Tomari staying 1909

    Tomari staying pulp factory

    The Sakhalin industrial corporation Tomari staying factory

    1 Oji Paper Co., Ltd. corporation Tomari staying factory

    It is the enormous pulp factory which forms 1 grand sight in the Tomari staying. Factory employee approximately 350 names. The factory area 23800 square United States.

    From summer Tomari staying town during 2 Hisashi springs at automobile approximately 1 hour

    It possesses the old history with respect to the relationship which is in the shortest position which leads to the east west both seashores in Sakhalin, in the Sakhalin developing, the address of original Tomari support agency is the г‚Љ to do there is also a thing. Near ranch area to be many there is a large farmer arable land in the hinterland. 32 kilogram national highways of Tokai bank true sewing traffic of the automobile is the й — г‚‹ frequent.

    From 3 coming intellectual will lake summer Tomari staying towns at automobile approximately 3 hours

    A little more than around 27 kilometers ж¬ќ green also the swan comes flying in the barrel forest lake, when winter 4 months are excluded, the outside fishing boat becoming extinct it is not, in the lake trout salmon to be, besides the fact that you question. The corbicula shellfish puts, it inhabits. It is inside the distinctiveness which has three жї± village offices near.

    4 blessing й € taking towns

    To an important place of the west coastal north section, since paper manufacture factory establishing 1925 it is developmental suddenly. It is about in the hinterland there is a noted Taihei charcoal mountain and immense agriculture right land with the strip mining, in the future may develop more and more. Stopover of the ship it is frequent in summer.

    5 it is cheap from another blessing й € taking town at the motion steam ship approximately 5 hours

    To the town of the Sakhalin most north edge, if it stands near the summer day dew border, can the right store the coastal region to view across dew territory north Sakhalin, and the between shrine strait.

    6 name good hot springs

    It becomes this island only hot spring which is Kawakami style of the hot water, mountain stream scenery discernment of the river of the hot water becomes еЄљ, the winter bath customer multi does.

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