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    The Sakhalin place of interest guide (large Tomari support agency)

    Large Tomari town

    Large Tomari high woman school

    1 chart loyal stone monument (the large Tomari Cho camphor tree valley throughout the city the middle highland) approximately 300 meters than the camphor tree valley station

    The numerous military officer soldier/finishing spirit which built the great success of this island occupation in case of day dew war festival it is the monument which is this island only pedigree 祀.

    2 depending benevolence Imperial Prince Crown Prince military exploits monuments (large Tomari Cho letter kagura Oka) approximately 810 meters than large Tomari station

    It is something which recollects the north conquering thing 蹟 of Crown Prince depending benevolence Imperial Prince and is erected.

    3 Sakhalin agar limited partnership first factory (large Tomari Cho letter Fuji) from camphor tree valley town station at automobile 15 minutes

    Distantly obtaining the picking right of the Italy valley grass which is similar to the stone flower greens which are produced in the deep water lake it organizes the limited partnership and being quality superior including agar production, it has shown the export of large sum.

    4 large Tomari port large Tomari port stations

    Literally, it is the big entryway of Sakhalin, is the port of the juvenile Tomari route from Wakkanai and also, it has

    become the initial setting station of the Sakhalin agency railroad.

    Enormous pier of large Tomari port

    Juvenile Tomari ferryboat of large Tomari port

    5 sub- garden shrines (large Tomari Cho letter kagura Oka) approximately 700 meters than large Tomari station

    Such as large country all-father at the shrine which festival 祀 offers the God of 5 pillars, annual festival every year is done on August 10th and masters prosperity.

    Approximately 700 meters than 6 south 樺 park large Tomari stations

    It is inside the Oji Paper Co., Ltd. corporation site, if it rises on the hill, there is scenery discernment 媚 view about view it to be possible the large Tomari town and the sub- garden bay.

    7 kagura Oka (large Tomari Cho letter kagura Oka) 1 kilometer than large Tomari station

    As a holiday resort the right land for the sake of the large Tomari Cho authorities raise the plan which designates this hill as the park and endeavor.

    8 Sakhalin frozen corporation (large Tomari Cho boat seeing town coastal 埋立 area) a little more than approximately 1 kilometer than large Tomari station

    Frozen business of the herring trout salmon and the like is done, the business record is good extremely, job is after the May during the fishing period.

    9 day dew war Sakhalin expeditionary force landing monument (large Tomari Gun deep-sea village woman 麗) from large Tomari station 17 kilogram overland routes

    There was a position where the independent 13th army division Takeuchi brigade lands on 1905 July 7th, commemorated the 1st step of this island possession and it was erected the volunteer and with the 浄 commodity of all island. From large Tomari the automobile flight, summer there is also a sea mail from the large Tomari port

    Lake inside 10 wealth (village inside Gun wealth inside wealth) from large Tomari kilogram overland routes from 44 Yutaka south station automobile at flight 2 hours

    It forms the natural large park with the scenery discernment 媚, in the future it probably reaches the point where you yearn as camp outside this Simauti.

    11 Ookita industrial corporation Sakhalin nurturing fox places (large Tomari Gun Chitose village south shell mound) approximately 2 kilometer walking approximately 30 minutes than station

    To establish this nurturing fox place in 1918 and to import the silver black fox of the Canadian product, presently 160 heads in the midst of raising.

    Nurturing fox place (the Chitose village shell mound)

    12 river inlets 濱 road coastal south 樺 railroad 濱 road station getting off

    Besides the fact that the famous 濱 road seashore, there is capture of the herring from the end of April to the earlier November, as the very important fishery of Sakhalin summer the salmon trout Gun doing to come, it displays magnificent view. In addition the case of ebb tide picking and the like 1 day ホッキ shellfish can be enjoyed. In addition surroundings of the swamp of southwest 200 meters the mountain ash and the canoe birch are thick from the station and are beautiful, summer the Mizutori hunting is done, the winter becomes the skating rink. As for the 濱 road shrine and elementary school of the lakeside the rugosa rose and the hammer lily lily of the valley etc. bloom, fall the truth whose フレップ of the Sakhalin special product is red displays the view of beautiful. The business which presently in stationary multi adding towns is made the park is done.

    From the farm village stationary multi adding stations of 13 Obara Otoyo Toyosaka walking Obara 4 kilometer Otoyo 18 kilometer Toyosaka 30 kilometer

    Each of them is known as this island prominent large farmer area of production band. It produces the vegetable potato and the like air temperature to be high to the land fertile and there is also a guidance place of the Sakhalin agency in Otoyo Toyosaka. In addition the Yutaka 仙 峡which is in this divergence vicinity is known as name victory of the tinted autumn leaves.

    Approximately 2 kilometers than 14 Kawaguchi stationary multi adding urban districts (flight there is an automobile & a track)

    There is an estuary of the stationary multi adding rivers and vicinity forms fishing village village, the large boat of the lumber and the fish sake lees the thing multi it walks does,

    Running-down lumber place of Noto Lu village rainy dragon river

    Approximately 15 kilometers than 1 sudden 阻 mountain Shiraishi 澤 station it is close approximately 5 kilometers than the top station (at walking 2 hours)

    The mountain range 厭 as the odd peak which is 607 meters in elevation, to the mountaintop the arctic plant it is thick from the medium stomach of the mountain, to the middle of August the flower garden of the all kinds of flowers profusion appears from the earlier July, just it is the grand sight. The mountain base compared to the cascade of size sewing the odd rock to 6th go time, it is falling.

    Sudden 阻 mountain

    Nisikita approximately 3 kilometers of 2 horse group 潭 櫻 mountain horse group 潭 stations

    All the mountain Sakhalin the Prunus tomentosa it grows thick deeply, comparing with the Yamato cherry tree however it is not possible of course, is worthy of to admiration for the grass flower scanty Sakhalin. As for seeing time it is the middle of June. Reaching, the gentle hill for the sake of also the old age woman can the mountain path climb easily.

    From approximately 3 kilometer original Tomari than 3 mud volcanic horse group 潭 stations southwest approximately 10 kilometers

    Also the 恰 turns over the manju sedge hat on Hirati's center which is left over in around 2400 meters and at the time of the wooden pail forms state. Around approximately 140 meter one body is the clay characteristic mud. As for activity being periodic, 休 dynamic period walking is possible to the center. The 之 the case of large activity 轟 々 barrel large sound is caused and the mud the state which over ten meters is erupted is the completely wonderful sight.

    Approximately 1 kilometer than 4 original Tomari boat entrance 澗 original Tomari stations

    The original Tomari port which forms the natural harbor is known for a long time as the good berth since installing the boat entrance 澗 to which the Sakhalin agency throws huge amount in 1920 and becomes complete, traffic of the large and ship to be many it is the good berth.

    From 5 oak preservation three Fuji oak preservation stations to mountain base approximately 5 kilometers

    Combination it does 2 peaks of the identical permitting/inserting peak which connects to the sacred mountain oak preservation hill which is 750 meters in altitude and names three peaks and calls three ツ Fuji. The fact that it becomes 麗 beauty of the permitting/inserting peak is about not to permit following of other things. If it reaches to the mountain base, it follows to the cascade of approximately 20 meters and the cascade of size flows down and pours to the oak preservation swamp. If the mountain is climbed, the beauty where the various alpine plant is cute is rivaled. Season of mountain-climbing the June last third compared to the August middle is ideal.

    From 7 Oji Paper Co., Ltd. corporation intellectual taking factory intellectual taking stations Nisikita approximately 1.5 kilometers

    There is the 稱 of Orient one at the factory where operation is started in 1926 as a paper manufacture factory.

    Nisikita approximately 2 kilometers of 8 intellectual taking coal mine intellectual taking stations

    Operation is started from 1924 June, the coal production quantity 1932 is approximately 140000 tons. Carbonaceous belongs to the middle class charcoal.

    From circumstance intellectual taking station of 9 intellectual taking river running-down Nisikita approximately 870 meters

    The paper manufacture raw wood approximately 167000 cubical United States are run down being this river from May to September, the circumstance is magnificent view truly. 2 lock holes are equipped in the estuary left bank.

    Flight there is a Nisikita approximately 3 kilometer automobile of 10 excursion official building intellectual taking stations,

    The mineral spring which designates the hydrogen sulfide as the main component to gush and having facilitated and completing such as bathhouse and lodging (1 Tomari 4 Yen), as for the same place there being an intellectual taking river coast, the odd rock to stand in a row, scenery stopping good is.

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