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    The Sakhalin place of interest guide (other than Toyohara support agency Toyohara Cho)

    Hohoku village Sakhalin agency agriculture research institute

    1 small swamp central research institute and other than е…¶ approximately 10 kilometers than Toyohara station

    As both systems of the agriculture research institute and fisheries experiment station are abolished in 1929 September, the central research institute is established in the small swamp and industry is revived, in addition land and sea unexplored natural wealth source is developed and higher productivity promotion of industry the 奨 め, the place where from here it contributes to っ て island development it is something which it is with is done roughly. Every year to September inspects most is good season from 6 July, you inspect the living conditions of the residency foreigner who resides in the small swamp village on the vicinity, strike hypoglossal in the specialty dew help pan and (those which would like to try eating by all means is) furthermore the fact that you inspect the nurturing fox place nurturing carp place is good.

    2 Kawakami hot spring

    If from the Toyohara station it changes to the Kawakami line with the 3rd small swamp station and gets off with the Kawakami hot spring station there is a hot spring before the station. It seems that is effect in the symptoms where this being the spring, contains chloridation гѓЉгѓ€гѓЄВѓ…ウム abundantly and comes from cold characteristic. Because there is a convenience of lodging, there is a bath customer who to fall is suitable from the spring. 50 sen bath time charge 5 sen 1 Tomari 1 Yen

    3 Kawakami coal mine

    32 kilometers than Toyohara, there being a position of 74 kilometers than large Tomari, it is terminus of the Sakhalin agency railroad Kawakami line, as for the mine lot there is an immense area which that high-level extends from the bell mountain stream high-level alongside the inner deep water river, reaches to also extended 14 kilometer and in this island it is categorized to the south edge of the deep water coal field inside principal and it is possession of the Mitsui Mining Co., Ltd. corporation.

    Kawakami charcoal mountain

    Coal handling train of Kawakami coal mine

    4 white princess mountain ski sites

    From the Toyohara station 5th at east 3 kilometers it reaches to the slope of skiing ideal deeply from the snow station. There is equipment of the winter cabin, the room charge 30 sen applicant the station of the vicinity compared to you should have applied.

    From 5 Oji Paper Co., Ltd. corporation Ochiai factory Ochiai stations flight there is 1 kilometer carriage automobile to north,

    It starts the production of the sulphite pulp and the kraft paper mainly at the enormous pulp factory of the Oji Paper Co., Ltd. corporation and has produced actively.

    Oji Paper Co., Ltd. Ochiai factory

    From 6 crab canned goods production factory glory жї± stations to south a little more than 1 kilometer

    400 Yen in amount of production 1 day approximately thousand price, business period is to 11 ends of the month than April with the management of the Sakhalin marine products corporation, there is smoked salmon the crab canned goods herring and as aquatic products products.

    From 7 glory жї± product display place glory жї± stations to north 218 meters

    Being the village barracks, you gather the stonework ancient times of the Ainu family you have used mainly & earthenware use item and the like which. Furthermore it can display also the inside of pipe water product and the forest products agricultural commodity and can view.

    Approximately 1 kilometer than 8 swan lake new glory жї± stations

    It was located to the inside deep water river estuary and area approximately 720 hectares, it could attach this name from the thing where the swan group comes flying. Furthermore also Aves such as snipe duck swarms large number and it is the right land of the good hunting, winter season freezes and is utilized as the skating rink as though it is the mirror.

    From 9 Shirahama native village glory жї± town walking approximately 24 kilometers

    The Ainu family which to 1921 has been scattered to the Toyohara support agency inside of pipe is gathered in this area and the education place and the Shirahama organization have been established.

    From 10 preservation Lu test forest preservation Lu stations western approximately 327 meters

    With enactment of the central research institute forestry section 1929 exam forest belongs to the management of the forestry section, field test forestry, is contributing to the development of this island forestry.

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