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    The Sakhalin place of interest guide (Toyohara Cho)

    The Sakhalin agency government building

    The Sakhalin agency Toyohara hospital

    The Sakhalin agency Toyohara hospital

    Toyohara junior high school

    The Toyohara chamber of commerce which is the sophisticated building

    Toyohara Hirotune first high elementary school

    Toyohara waterworks source

    The Sakhalin district court

    Toyohara public hall

    Toyohara town

    Toyohara station

    1 official е№Ј from Taisha Sakhalin shrine Toyohara station on east 2 kilometers

    And others the гЃ‘ гЃЏ it is enshrined cheaply on polar north of imperial country and the Sakhalin shrine which is granted east Asahi of the town is enshrined in the hill. It was Taisha of truth protection, the shrine was founded in 1909. Every year large festival is done on August 23rd.

    The Sakhalin shrine

    From 2 Toyohara shrine Toyohara stations a little more than 1 kilometer flight there is an automobile & a carriage to north,

    It is enshrined in northern north Toyohara of the town. With 1908 erection, there is the Sakhalin invitation soul corporation in the grounds.

    From 3 Toyohara park Toyohara stations on east a little more than 1 kilometer

    The Nisikita tracts and Tamagawa which follow to the Sakhalin shrine mountain base following being clearly in flow, there is a Toyohara park. As for the area a little more than 110000 being hectare, there is equipment of the automobile road & sidewalk free movement place track/truck field flower bed pool boat playing pond baseball field and the like inside the garden.

    A little more than 1 kilometer than 4 Sakhalin agency museum city east 5 provision south 1 Chome Toyohara stations

    It opens from May to October, the true only viewing facility cod it is something which is closed and it does, when it provides the section of the plant animal marine products forest products agricultural product ore product local custom and the historical reference item etc. in 1927 and it rearranges reforms and assures the completeness of contents, as for the display item almost it obtains the good reference material barrel thing in science with only this island peculiar ones, in order to know the circumstance of this island simultaneously, it is the facility which the inspection person cannot overlook. Viewing person total number 1932 a little more than 13 500 is the person.

    The Sakhalin agency museum

    5 Asahi е¶Ѕ comprehensive ski site

    Urban eastern Asahi there is a е¶Ѕ, large г‚·гѓЈгѓігѓ„г‚Ё and the strong elegant cabin which are proud of Orient one is a medium stomach. You store the bell valley plain to view from here and watch the sub- garden bay in the distance and scenery stopping good are.

    Bronze statue of 6 day raising person

    Rear skiing of the Toyohara park medium stomach day holding of the hill there is a bronze statue of the day raising person in the hill, the day raising person being the 6th high younger brother of the person on Nichiren, commemorates the fact that it propagated even in Sakhalin and building it is something which stands and it does.

    From 7 Oji Paper Co., Ltd. corporation Toyohara factory Toyohara stations a little more than 1 kilometer flight there is an automobile to north,

    There is a northeast edge of the town, there are a little more than factory site 13 5 hectares and the scale й — г‚‹ are large.

    218 meters than 8 Sakhalin medicine manufacture corporation north Toyohara station

    It produces alcohol the rye potato of this island product as raw materials, this island peculiar フレップ fruit from here brews っ て フレップワイン フレップソーダ and endeavors in promotion of industry.

    9 гѓЂгѓЄгѓЌгѓј game marks

    From the Toyohara station there is a west йѓЉ troop river of town. The гѓЂгѓЄгѓЌгѓј jungle game which in history becomes famous the case of main island occupation 1905 was done in this area. The artillery position which should recollect that time it exists, as for the game mark monument there is this area.

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