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    The Sakhalin photo studio of bosom oak

    At this Sakhalin photo studio the bosom oak which was photographed to Taisho era it is and introduces the Sakhalin scenery.

    The drift ice which washes in the sub- garden bay

    The unusual spectacle where north latitude 50 degree line border vote compilation job, it cannot be current Japan

    Toyohara suburban skiing conference

    Large Tomari camphor tree valley town pier and drift ice

    The nurturing fox place of the small swamp, of course it is the for fur.

    Like the whaling scenery and former times Sawayama it stops wanting to eat the whale cheaply.

    It was the important facility with respect to ж®– civil administration step of the large Tomari immigration rest place and Sakhalin. While drawing dream, to the Sakhalin area

    If you mentioned Sakhalin, also the kelp was the special product item.

    Toyohara's festival model, traffic is little, but as for the paper lantern иі‘ and?

    榮 beach lakeside (swan lake) fallen leaves pine

    The Russian who is restricted to Japan it was in the Sakhalin residual dew national human house and the family and in.

    If you mention Sakhalin, it is to do with the fruit which becomes familiar in the extent islander,гѓ•гѓ¬гѓѓгѓ—.

    The production factory of the гѓ•гѓ¬гѓѓгѓ— liquor, it is the one item which would like to try drinking.

    Spectacle of picking up herring of unusual Tokai bank

    It seems that spectacle 2 of the picking up herring, it can scoop undoes with the net and, it is enormous!

    The pasture accumulation scenery of the Sakhalin size which is visible in the enormous monster

    The Sakhalin butterbur which is not defeated to the lauan butterbur

    Measurement vote of north latitude 50 degree line first alpine white mustache mountain

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