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    Sakhalin photograph её– west fence red lead village it is cheap near difference

    Sakhalin west coastal west fence red lead village of the north latitude 50 degree line it is called the place name where difference, Ainu [amopeshi] is corrupted cheaply. If the shoreline about the semi- village it goes north, literally it was town of the border which touches with [pireo] of dew territory. Summer season being every other day from blessing й € taking, the engine boat had operated.

    Town of the border cheaply as for another rear the precipice of the steep slope, before the eye it was small fishing village of the shoreline, but it seems that also successive Sakhalin agency director visits as a town of the important border. The small coal mine, there was the Ainu horseradish in specialty. It seems that peace separates the border in age and has also the interchange of the inhabitant sequence of [pireo] village.

    The ice inside intellectual Hisashi зЂ§ intensity of the winter at the time of the зЂ§ winter season which cheaply several villages went south from difference is transmitted. The seashore near this separates the between shrine strait from the January middle to March and it seems that freezes to the coastal region.

    Especially the steep shoreline, as for the Sakhalin person attaching loss to enormous ones there was a thing which is called even in dew help rock west fence red lead village near the dawn жѕ¤, from such a thing this large rock in some гЃѕ it reached the point where it is called the dew help rock.

    Tateiwa (жЏЎthe palpus which зЏ  is opened) as for the road north the precipice continues from near blessing й € taking, can pass the person at last the difficult road was continued. Because of that on the other hand when freeze in the winter was safely traffic possible.

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