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    The Sakhalin photograph её– near large Tomari

    The large Tomari port station and the juvenile Tomari ferryboat, the port where the pier is very unique freezing as for common year November 26th пЅ¤ thawing March 14th being extremely cold area it is understood.

    The ferryboat sub- garden circle, at the large Tomari port 760 it is the new ferryboat which you can be identified. From Hakodate to Wakkanai a little more than 21 hour it was duration of 8 hours from Wakkanai to large Tomari.

    The cargo handling of the Chitose circle of communications economical order route of the large Tomari port, the horse sled makes age feel.

    Large Tomari Cho town (near mother seeing town multi main towns)

    It is one no жѕ¤ seashore of herring fishing period, but the eye does in the brand-new railroad track.

    The herring shelf, it is the enormous quantity.

    Production of the herring sake lees, applying, the crowd of the herring is recognized.

    It is the recreational area of according to Chinese character is not attraction the sub- garden recreational area which is in two жѕ¤, of course different from now.

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