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    The handle it does, the Sakhalin announcement

    As for this corner the former times bosom oak it is, Sakhalin it is the corner which is introduced every area with the photograph. Furthermore the photograph has used Showa early ones where copyright does not occur.

    Here you introduce the announcement to which I have become privately matter of concern.

    If the enormous electric company of Sakhalin, even now it was, you called the big business about of Tokyo Electric Power Company

    By the way?

    Past it became without the coal which is important energy or now the shadow which is seen.

    There is also a private coal mine line in the Kawakami coal mine and it seems that is crowded, but if it is Japan, it probably is how to become?

    It probably is something like the well which enters with the avoiding め droppings? The specialty of bed fragrance it probably will put out, is. The person who understands we would like you to teach by all means.

    > You will avoid and the back intestine of the salmon (the せ わ it is) probably will produce the め droppings saltily with the specialty of bed fragrance is. When you mentioned the distinctiveness taste may be agreeable to the liquor, densely probably will be? (You taught to the bed fragrance being brought up. Information thank you truly.)

    As for the high-class soda pop still you have not drunk. You do not know something is high-class, but the retro it is something which would like to try tasting the high-class soda pop.

    If the stock company which is even in Sakhalin, presently it was, perhaps well enough it had become big enterprise.

    There is an interest very in the market most north partly due to the fact that it works related to market. Presently, there is a company of the fish greens market in Kitami.

    It becomes slanted and there is no excuse is, but, the sushi heaven ぷ and others favorite as I we would like to try eating by all means, is.

    Big percentage 烹 and, with the photograph it is visible in the hotel or play shed. It probably is to be the place where it is crowded certainly with the inhabitant of bed fragrance.

    This big percentage of bed fragrance 烹 and, the threshold being too high in me, it enters and it is the づ leprosy store.

    It is industry and medical application, but selling oxygen, we would like to hurt, is. When they are current age, perhaps you heal and you can sell also the canned goods of the air of the fragrance and the tundra of the Sakhalin canoe birch as type goods.

    It probably is to be the important company for the small and medium-sized business of Sakhalin.

    Big percentage 烹 and well enough seems that is in bed fragrance. This surely is the hotel wind.

    With bed fragrance it is not the hospital of leading medical care, probably will be?

    As been the sociable place of all island one, at that time it is thought that many meetings and many ones utilized.

    It is the hotel even now may remain in Hokkaido.

    Surely the retro the track/truck and the chair HKDRT the mark cute! Is this uncle probably just to be who at the place?

    The place where there is to a commemoration stamp which is the one item which would like to try eating the tundra manju of announcement and bed fragrance specialty of the capital house which we would like to choose in the Sakhalin announcement grand prix by all means is difficult.

    When there is such a newspaper present, it is something which would like to try reading.

    If the baggage of bed fragrance direction entrust here is.

    With bed fragrance the case of the sickness this modern hospital is first.

    As for travelling to bed fragrance the staying here number one, the sale which is guided to the village of former race after all with anytime is cute.

    You went into exile to the old Soviet Union, Okada 嘉 child of famous actress of that time and it is famous hotel which is known by also the fact that the sweetheart passed the homeland lastly.

    Favorable comment (?) The handle it does and step it is the Sakhalin announcement second.

    As for Sakhalin forestry was very active, had the factory in the every place the paper manufacture industry in connection with that.

    If you mention the Sakhalin special product, the extent, フレップ it was famous. In the sense, red ones in Ainu, pointing to コケモモ, it seems that the sweet-sour taste is liked, has フレップワイン and deflection ッ プ sweet bean jelly フレップジャム etc. in the Sakhalin gift. It is unusual for the medicine manufacture company to have brewed the liquor.

    Announcement of the farm of upper bed fragrance, it is thought that which certainly summer 1945 is visited in very thing.

    Big shipping agency of bed fragrance, the head office seems Tokyo.

    1936 Sakhalin almanac, from 1931 to 14 every year it was issued from bed fragrance time signal. It is good it is possible very and being to be, it does, but be regrettable to end in 14 years, can't help. Are those where it is visible in the seal probably just I?

    The Sakhalin almanac of 1937 edition, age are made to feel to the place where imperial period is stated.

    Also the Sakhalin sketch is drawn and in the Sakhalin almanac it is the best cover.

    Furthermore the small department store now referred to we would like to see it is the store, or it is small even inside the road, the something or other store and the store which acquires name that way presently remain from the store. Now to have become, also Takushoku Bank the bosom oak, in the thing.

    Kikkoman Corp. from tortoise shell ten thousand has come with becomes study.

    You just look at the announcement and announcement of the photo studio you can ask that trading was done extensively.

    Being something which the bookstore which I love, browsing did by all means with the bookstore most north and applies, it does.

    It was the biggest newspaper in Sakhalin. What is said to history does not exist, but when it is the newspaper which presently is issued naturally being to be splendid it does, but.

    It is the feeling where announcement and the map of the stock company are good having displayed Sakhalin surely.

    Name of time before the Sakhalin transport corporation was the bed fragrance transport.

    Announcement of the nurturing fox place after all it probably is the for fur? As for the fox ranch for sight-seeing presently it is inside the road, but like this as for those which were said you think that it is very unusual.

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