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    Seal island [atouiyamoshiri]

    It means the end of north Shiretoko promontory Ainu name [shinnoshiretoko] true area, there is a sea 20 kilogram of the souths and at the motion steam ship seal island Ainu name [atouiyamoshiri] which is 7 hours (one Kojima of the sea land) it introduces from bed fragrance. It seems that also the sight-seeing boat operates in summer season.

    >>Seal island: Name of the island is the seal (the seal), but to tell the truth the seal the seal and the гѓ­гѓѓгѓљгѓі bird which are not (the г‚Єгѓ­гѓ­гѓі bird) was the island which is the paradise.

    >As for length of the island as for approximately 700 meter width it seems that is the island whose approximately 70 meters are very long. In the sandy beach several tens of thousands of seals, on the cliff of height over ten meters the гѓ­гѓѓгѓљгѓі bird of several 100000 feathers (bearing and others does to proper form) seems that is. There was a lookout station & a dormitory etc. in the west seashore and as for observation excluded from the hole of the vigilance near the center of the island so is.

    >The dotted line part is the part of the island, (a little it has been cut off, but) there is the vigilance in the central part of the island. In addition it seems that has the grave of Russian [aeto]. Whether (why there is a grave it is strange, but)

    It seems that looked the world of the дјЅ from seeing Hari who the supervisory shed of the seal island, lands from here and is on. Corps of the гѓ­гѓѓгѓљгѓі bird are visible in the cliff on the supervisory shed. (It is the extent which is wanted dividing to also the heaven sale island.)

    Just look at the photograph, the seal and the bearing are recognized and others do being the paradise. From bed fragrance being shaken in 7 hour boats, you can call the sight-seeing area which has the value which you see probably will be.

    When this much the many seals are, fearing conversely, the гЃЎyou do not attach.

    It is attached to the one word of スゴイ, shout of some extent rising, it probably is with the cousin?

    It is the island which the natural island of the stopping sea, as for 1 time would like to try going just.

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