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    About the place name of the hippocampus island

    It introduces concerning the place name of the hippocampus island where 1941 annual 751 islanders are.

    From Ezo logbook of Matsuura military affairs four 郎

    [todoshima] long three villages, width one village half. There are no trees and shrubs. Merely, even if there are small coming trees and shrubs on, 也. Lap it makes the 廻 everyone stones and rocks and the sea cucumber multi does, and the hippocampus multi does. Even if there is a name of トドシマ in reason, 也.

    Secondary 此 place marine seven village question collar. Making the water 豹 many, even if at the time of the 汐 dried る whether the rock about you think it comes to the bank, 也. Even if also the barbarian person at the time of fishing thing few, て water 豹 fishing is done reaching up to this island, 也.

    Pointing to this island of the west person, call the モン child remaining overnight to do, 也. As for west person rule thing of ラベロウセ 也.

    And, in the Sakhalin of the military affairsfour 郎 north Ezo Yamakawaexamination figure over 20 Ainu place names are stated even in the hippocampus island. By all means it is we would like to verify whether it has some place name.

    Place name of Showa hippocampus island

    North old red lead ・ south old red lead

    It is thought that the south old red lead of the next door of the north old red lead which has the public office of the village was central area of the village. As for origin of a word when[todomoshiri]inAinu [todomoshiri]コタン or the Edo era it judges from the map[todomoshiri],イソ ・ コタン(the there is,village Hiraiso from with [todomoshiri]イソコタン) with you can think and ask you can know that from former times Ainu has lived in the 此 place.

    The open sea no island is desired from the south old red lead

    The north old red lead is desired from the island of the open sea.

    Length 濱

    Of course, being to have the long beach with Japanese name, it probably is named. It seems that has the lighthouse from the relief map.

    Gull 沢

    It probably is the place name which is named from the fact that here the gull is many of course with Japanese name, is the 沢. Approximately it seems that has the village.

    Village of gull 沢

    Hippocampus beach

    As in name, it is named from the fact that トド which is name of the island is many. The 此 place seems that is the place where the flower garden is splendid. Perhaps, it is thought that the spectacle like the current Rebun island was spreading.

    Flower garden of hippocampus beach

    Tomari plate

    The village of the hippocampus island north edge, it understands that it is the big village even from the relief map. Origin of a word the トマリplate(berth has been less crowded) with, means the inlet which has the vacant land from with Ainu [tomarisara]. Actually even from on the map with the hippocampus island it has become unusually even area.

    Space/large house 須

    The Ainu mortar (the bay) from it has come with the place name which to the northnext doorof the north old red lead is. The Hokkaido possession 珠 with in the same sense.

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