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    Island [todomoshiri] of flower (hippocampus island)

    [todomoshiri] (hippocampus island) flower garden near gull peak top

    (Community of チシマアサギリソウ カラフトビランジ ネムロシオガマ トドシマゲンゲ)

    If it was appointed by the natural monument of the Sakhalin agency, presently it was day feature, [todomoshiri] where the valuable nature of national park level is left (the hippocampus island) special plant community zone is introduced.

    Approximately, it seems that the plant of 380 kinds grows naturally and has also the hippocampus island peculiar plant. Furthermore as for 6.7 months beautiful it seems that you could see the flower garden. It is thought. that (presently the same spectacle is spreading perhaps)

    If there is no war, the Rebun island hippocampus island color red lead island it probably is to be crowded as a float island of 3 large flowers north.

    Position east longitude 141 degree 12 minute 46 degree 13 minute 5 seconds on 5 second north latitude

    Shortest distance west coastal Shigeru main thing of main island of Sakhalin... 49 kilometers

    Shortest distance Soya promontory of the every place in Hokkaido...... approximately 92 kilometers

    The Rebun island...... approximately 86 kilometers


    This island belongs and a little more than around 20 north and south 7 kilometer east west 4 kilometers with Kojima of kilometer, the open sea no island, three ツ island equal number many small islands Oshima before the attack sinking operating is desirable the む る. As for the shoreline the precipice to be many prismatic providence of the andesite and the basalt extremely has displayed the wonderful sight.

    The open sea no island (you desire from the north old red lead)

    Open sea no island

    Kojima near north old red lead (prismatic providence of basalt)

    Three ツ islands (harshness of the seashore has been similar on the west side of Rebun and heaven sale)

    Rock pillar of three ツ islands

    Simauti's hill edge it rises and falls and is lacking in the plain. 臺 Nangaku (435 meters) is highest, the Mikasa peak (333 meters) with is enshrined on the center of the phase line island.

    臺 Nangaku (the right Shida the peak inside vine Okayama triangulation stations 臺 Nangaku top)

    Simauti everywhere, clarification the spring gushes and becoming the cascade, pours many to the sea. Asahi 瀧 and the Kitami 瀧 Ono 瀧 is magnificent view.

    The north old red lead Asahi 瀧 is desired from the open sea no island

    As for the 鶯 river water content to be most as for source it is the Osawa plain with the mountain stream of Simanaka one.

    As for this island at the only ship refuge in the Sakhalin west seashore, the space/large house 須 bay the depth of water to be deep most is convenient to anchorage. Also the 亦 gull bay Ono bay is to be suited for mooring of the fishing boat.

    [todomoshiri] (hippocampus island) plant

    Near coastal islands

    The shoreline of all the island approximately 20 kilometers the rock wall precipice to be many the sandy beach is scanty, depending, the plant of the seaside is raising careless mainly in grassy plain area on the cliff. As for any the main things

    At over 10 kinds of ハマスギナ テンキ ハマムギ センダイハギ エゾカワラナデシコ hammer pea ウンラン エゾオオバコ マルバタウキ ツリガネニンジン marginwormwood シカギク エゾオグルマ and the likeonly ハマハコベ is thick in safety zone of the seaside or the islands.

    In those which recuperate in the rock wall precipice

    ハマツメク ホソバノイワキリン チシマアサギリソウ キジムシロシロイヌナズナ occupies principal.

    These seaside plants grow naturally almost in the islands.

    Plant of folding screen rock and base tract

    As for the folding screen rock with the precipice of 6 70 meters the base tract at near south old red lead village becomes plateau condition finally with the steep slope and in the large rock sparrow no Kata handbill オロシヤギクナヅナ ハコベ アカザ ハマハタザオ エゾハタザオ flourishes near sideand the village, the rock stands upright,the beauty flower of トドシマゲンゲ エゾノアヅマギク チシマキンレイクワ チシマアサギリソウ カラフトビランジ シロイヌナヅナ シƒ…ミットソウ キジムシロエゾカワラナデシコ シオガマギク scatters to the rock opening and from the first spring until late summer there are no times when the flower becomes extinct.

    Folding screen rock and portion of base

    Flower garden of gull peak

    With the gull peak, the thing hippocampus where the flower garden becomes extensive it comes after the throne of the hill which is connected on west side of the gull 沢 valley the beach. The slope valley base the place where it is buried with everyone flower, many people probably will hesitate move step, besides the fact that it reveres admires in the industry of God it is not. It has become the natural alpine garden. In those which form the subject of the flower garden

    It can increase トドシマゲンゲ シコタンソウ ネムロシオガマ ヤマハナソウ チシマアサギリソウ カラフトハナシシノブ カラフトビランジ イハジャカウソウ キクバクハガタキバナノカワラマツバ チシマゲンゲ タカネナデシコ キジムシロ ナミキソウ シロイヌナズナホソバノイワキリン and the like.

    All scene of your gull peak flower garden (community of トドシマゲンゲ)

    臺 Nangaku and hippocampus flower garden of 濱

    臺 Nangaku's base touches to the plain of the Tomari plate, it is the herb zone mainly, but sometimes there is a growth defective ダケカンバ forest. ミヤマハンノキ タカネナナカマド and the like the jungle is not, coversthe open space in the woodof community of ウルップソウ エゾノヨツバシオガマカラフトセンクワソウ ・ コミヤマノガリヤス エゾクワンソウ ミヤマバイケイソウ in therising ground which especially can be confronted in the Sea of Japan.

    臺 Nangaku west slope (large community of トドシマゲンゲ シƒ…ミットソウ)

    The hippocampus the flower garden of the 濱 臺 it is rich in change and it is not, the natural park which becomes immense at the area which can be faced to the Sea of Japan with Nangaku and the Mikasa peak 臺 with Nangaku's west one side with as steep to that scale magnificence grand such as gorge beach field precipice precipice valley the scenery extremely good with stopping season of the flower the tract becomes the large park. As for that main flower

    It will be buried in special alpine plant and such as トドシマゲンゲ シƒ…ミットソウ カラフトセンクワソウ ネムロシオガマ ヒメジャコウソウ イワジャコウソウ エゾノアズマギク チシマアサギリソウ チシマキンレイグワ コミヤマキンポウゲ キクバクワガタタカネナデシコ キジムシロ シコタンソウ シロイヌナズナ カラフトハナシノブ ホソバノイワキリン ヤマハナソウ カラフトビランジ ハクサンチドリ キバナノマツバカワラ チシマフウロ シロワレモコウ ウプップソウ チシマリンドウ チシマギョウ エゾツツジ the fine view and strangeness of the rock wall the extent which cannot be expressed with composition it probably will put out, is.

    Hippocampus flower garden of 濱 (large community of コミヤマキンポウゲ エゾノアズマギク シƒ…ミットソウ)

    Hippocampus 濱 flower garden and rock wall (community of トドシマゲンゲ)

    Hippocampus 濱 flower garden (community of エゾノアズマギク シƒ…ミットソウ カラフトビランジ ・ コミヤマキンポウゲ)

    Hippocampus valley of 濱

    Community of ネムロシオガマ

    If you see, you can ask that it is the island of the splendid flower where it is not defeated to the Rebun island.

    Presently, it becomes Russian territory and goes very and it is づ leprosy area, but some day be sure and you would like to bake the flower garden whose [todomoshiri] is beautiful to your own eye with the color picture.

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