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    [totsukokamui] of horse group (mud volcano)

    Very much valuable horse group [totsukokamui] (the Sakhalin natural monument) the aerophotography, the photograph central big basin the central mud volcano, the small basin of the right side becomes the north mud volcano.

    The horse group 潭 櫻 from Santo, the mud volcano is desired

    Here, we would like to introduce horse group [totsukokamui] which I very said to the air. If presently Japanese territory, you think that the possibility of being crowded with the sightseer as the sight-seeing spot which can look at the valuable nature of national park level, is high at the point where.

    Horse group [totsukokamui] (mud volcano)

    Location: Original Tomari Gun sail approaching/leaning village Oaza horse group letter Chuma group

    Discovery: It was decided with that [totsukokamui] which is in the human mark rare primenal forest around 1906 with 12 Japanese who designate hunting as purpose is known.

    Origin of a word:[tokorukamui](swamp you control from with Ainu [totsukokamui] God)to be thought as corruption, the God way it seems that is the place where it is revered as the swamp where it comes.

    Record of the Matsuura military affairs four 郎 (China it is thick the diary)

    "As for トッソ the Touti first high mountain, as for the mountain ridge it is similar to odd rock 簇 々 and 竝 び て 其 shape リイシリ well. Depending, you call the lady mountain appearance of native リイシリ. In addition 此 passing through also リイシリ from 2 village 斗 inner parts, it is to become in the thing big swamp, where to his area and so on it does to fly away, 其 拔 it does mark the り "

    "Moving aside the boat to the place where the mountain ridge considerably coming the native of traffic calls to reason, letter ノホリホ of the 此 base, the differing the 削 flower (イナウ) be sure to make and the て to offer and to do. "

    It is thought the thing which pointed to [tokorukamui] where this swamp is revered in Ainu. The legendary oven, mark which name mountain Rishiri keeps flying it is it is funny.

    Testimony of new wife person

    According to the testimony of the horse group 潭 village first immigrant, there are 2 tan step large swamps on the center, spring fall the migratory bird to come flying, to the grassland around can look at the crowd of the deer, so is.

    If the swamp freezes winter season and reaches to a little more than thickness 2 shaku 1 days the vibration happening and the strength of ten times (are enormous at the extent which moves the trunk of the fallen leaves pine near!) Greatly being something which makes the sense of fear hold, it does.

    Ainu revered naming>thisswamp [tokorukamui], the Japanese called the chemical material swamp.

    After it is the large vibration, with very important sound it emits the ice and tears, scatter obtains the fragment and releases again calmly, this phenomenon was repeated well in freezing period, but compared to several years gushing the mud more considerably later and in the swamp, circumstance to drastically change completely to several days and the swamp the っ て be able to bury the mud from here, displaying present condition it reached the point of.

    You look at all scene of the central mud volcano, as for distant view the Sakhalin central mountain range, around the mud which the central part gushes the forest of the fallen leaves pine

    Yamatani's testimony

    1910 July 24th dawn mud water inundates the horse group 潭 river, because of the river water looks at the strange せ る in the opal.

    As for the same person who lives in the regular horse group 潭 river estuary,accident is born in トッコカムイ and that fold, thinks and reaches at once and sees, with sound actively the geyser 騰 to do the mud, to be higher than the fallen leaves pine near ascent much 騰, it approaches the mud tremendously not to obtain, 1 month than that later it reaches again and sees, drastically changing, the field of the mud to convert Onuma, approximately 2 meters it rises high than Hirati, manju type it is displayed sees.

    It sends from the various parts and/or with is the sound, [busubusu].

    Izuka's memo

    If 1929 October 17th, the high ground compared to [totsukokamui]is desiredmuch, the snow spreading all over, there are no times when it changes from weekday.

    Doing for a while, the valley while descending, though around 10 o'clock in the morning 轟 々 barrel acoustic hearing it shakes suddenly and densely if the sound which the train passes it is with thought being, it does not leave even in the air and does to reach to the top of the cherry tree mountain after approximately 1 hour the time, again the 轟 々 and the treetop of the storm it blows, but every it comes and sound is audible.

    Gazing/hoping it doesto lookat [totsukokamui] much and in the barrel now at midst of large explosion vapor the 朦 々 and the mud of ash black ascent 騰 does to under that of envelopping without break and the height is thought as 3.4 times that the fallen leaves pine near and approximately 2 minutes continue and stopping stop the り.

    Promptly, the mountain it descends, does to face to actual place entering jungle zone て direction with error and destination northeast apparently it comes and scale the small being accustomed ど gushes to the position in area the arriving at dressing り.

    The center the 恰 turn over the manju sedge hat high also this area and (the north mud volcano) with as a circle and in that high ground grow on the grass side and others which becomes small as though the barrel and the trunk the fallen leaves pine complex り about of 3 suns/size is around the り.

    Quality of soil 亦 presently gushing the same to the central mud volcano which is forced. At this area while resting for a while, area vibrating a little, there is small explosion and depends on the barrel and て actual place it is known obtains.

    For a while, if it gets near to the 之, the mud rises high than the normalcy and comes with the て gushing hole apparently and is small explosion without break from the position or near that.

    In addition when boiling [butsubutsu] and the thing, it sends the sound the way, as though the 恰 practice of the army is heard in the distance but, vapor envelops the 朦 々. As for the mud flowing out to four lap, than the center end of the avalanche comes and 1 shaku high than the original land turns over this manju sedge hat and as for diameter of the mud the barrel the way it is between approximately 5 0 and is thought.

    The shoes are put on the mud in attempt, about for a while to the barrel the warmth is felt well up to reaching being enough.

    Compared to the central gushing hole measuring between approximately 50 slantedly it comes to approximately 3 貫 eyes closely in あ accomplice to scatter with the lump of the topsoil and becomes weight and starts.

    1 week doing, at the thing 1 hour half which is to draw the sketch it returns. Explosion at this time releases gradually calmly.

    Furthermore, because 1934 May gushing possesses gushing hole 4 place with as more large-scale ones, gushes the mass mud extraordinarily the form drastic change せ り of the mud field.

    Mud volcanic area

    This area it has reached to north and south approximately 3000 meters and east west approximately 2300 meters with as the elliptical 膨 Takashi area which possesses the mud volcano. West aggrades the Imai river high level in the grass mountains base.

    As it possesses the height which is 30 meters in elevation, on the railroad track surface of the Sakhalin railroad which is laid in this valley paralleling proceeds east at the time of the 暫 rising, there is a center and as for the て there are 63 meters in elevation.

    There is a mud volcanic gushing area of 4 places in this area. As for those which continue activity to today with those which is on the center as maximum, is the north section the majority it does there to be completely a state of pause, forming 1935 May large explosion, topography the drastic change せ り.

    One in south 2 place stops activity already, other things barely maintain the momentum the り.

    Central mud volcano:The central mud volcano big activity it is not the geyser put out the old days with as a central area of the horse group 潭 mud volcano, to do the abundant mud, the thing to around 1910 be a swamp of width 2 counter step remainder if possible on the 其 center and the geyser put out the て gas to do it becomes the thing. The elliptical area which reaches to recent north and south approximately 530 meter east west approximately 450 meters to be surrounded in the fallen leaves pinewood, displaying magnificent view.

    Small circle gimlet hill of central mud volcano

    North mud volcano:From the central mud volcano it hits to north 50 degree east and there is a mud volcano in the pinewood of approximately 660 meters, elliptic of north and south approximately 80 meter east west approximately 66 meters is not the central part is risen. Furthermore, it is long time inactive.

    North mud volcano

    South mud volcano:From the central mud volcano there is a position of southeast approximately 600 meters, comes out from these both sides of the tributary of the sail arrow direction river the づ. Around of the plant not occurring is the fallen leaves pinewood to north and south approximately 60 meter east west approximately 53 meters. Presently it is in the midst of investigating.

    Original Tomari mud volcano:There is a mud volcano in the original Tomari village letter Harigaya 澤 of north east approximately 10 kilometers of horse group 潭 mud volcano, possesses gushing hole 1 in the central top.

    Lovely the original Tomari mud volcano like the crater

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