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    Sakhalin riding together automobile route & tracked line

    It was the route which the Otoyo railroad track line bus of the Sakhalin agency barracks, possesses 5.5 meters in width and even among those of the valley and the wildwood Yutaka 仙 as for the scenery of the 峡臥 dragon 峡eight gazing ridges at that time from the car window, can do comfortable movement beautifully.

    It seems that had the route near announcement bed fragrance of the Sakhalin automobile.

    Handy railroad garage of camphor tree valley town

    Riding together automobile route: Valuable of the inhabitant it is not as a foot, in addition when compensating the railroad even, the riding together automobile route which is very important, here just those which understand are introduced.

    1 Sakhalin railroad

    Stationary multi adding - book 斗 71. Road within 5 kilometer - blessing 須 taking 110 kilometer

    2 south 樺 railroads

    Stationary multi adding - new place - Toyohara 43. 5 kilometer stationary multi adding - common river - Toyohara 37. 8 kilometers

    Stationary multi adding - large Tomari 38. 1 kilometer

    3 stationary multi adding automobiles

    Stationary multi adding - forks 45. 4 kilometer stationary multi adding - old river 66. 3 kilometers

    4 Toyohara riding together automobiles Ochiai riding together automobile

    Toyohara - Ochiai 44 kilometer

    5 central automobiles

    Toyohara - large Tomari 43 kilometer

    Kitarou 6 Muramatsu

    Large Tomari - it is distant 65.8 kilogram deep waters

    7 east bay transports

    Large Tomari - 弥 full 84 kilometers

    8 Ogawa Masa ream

    Inside wealth - inside large Tomari 46.5 kilometer wealth - it falls, inside sail 13.2 kilometer wealth - Toyohara 47.9 kilometer

    9 眞 Oka automobile

    眞 Oka - orchid Tomari 13.5 kilometer

    10 Sakhalin central transport

    During the Hisashi spring - 眞 sewing 30 kilometer Tomari it stays, - 78.4 kilometer inside distinctiveness

    11 blessing 須 taking automobiles

    Inside distinctiveness - name good 14.2 kilometer blessing 須 taking - peaceful 9.9 kilometer blessing 須 taking - cloth 禮 26.5 kilometers

    12 bed fragrance transports

    Bed fragrance - intellectual taking 83.5 kilometer west multi coming adding - road within 佐 intellectual 17 kilometer - upper bed fragrance 26 kilometer

    Bed fragrance - border 106 kilometer

    13 these 斗 automobiles

    Book 斗 - top within white main 96.5 kilometer - 2.6 kilogram inside top charcoal mountains

    Tracked line:The track in this island being laid is start from large Tomari boat seeing town to camphor tree valley town, but it falls to the business inactivity from of service of the transportation, presently is little

    1 Sakhalin colonial tracked corporation line (steam)

    Large Tomari - inside happy beauty - 46.3 kilometer 1928May large Tomari inside wealth - start of between business inside happy beauty

    2 Mitsui Mining Co., Ltd. corporation line (steam)

    Bed fragrance - the inside river 16.3 kilometer1936 July bed fragrance - start of the inside river business

    3 Oji Megumi 須 taking tracks (steam gasoline car)

    Blessing 須 taking - between 14 peaceful coal mine 5 kilometer1936 May opening

    4 Takashi high handy tracks (horsepower)

    Stationary multi adding - stationary multi adding bridge 2.3 kilometer1927 August openings

    Before the stationary multi adding stations - Kawaguchi 2.2 kilometer

    West stationary multi adding - medium 伏 child 7 kilometer1928 November opening

    Medium 伏 child - 6 kilometer 1930 Julyopening inside multi orchids

    The riding together horse sled exists as an other transportationof the 其, carries out the role of the important transportation of winter season.

    As for the majority of the road facilities of dew territory age in primitive state, the forest cutting down, at the state which barely it can pass via the path, any べ coming things which it tries making the road went north and, passing Toyohara from large Tomari, the Tokai bank passed north Sakhalin オノール from the inside road and were no more than those to which the thoroughfare and 2.3 paths which reach to アレキサンドロフスク lead.

    Furthermore though as for the structure call at the coarse thoroughfare, it is devastated, the case of the rainfall it improves when it communicates is stopped, originate effort is required.

    Presently this island advances, colonization is actualizing the advancement of the road network in accordance with increase in population. This island topographical condition, does not depend on coastal line not to obtain the setting of the road, therefore arrangement of the thoroughfare has become the transversal which connects this with the east west both coastal running through line.

    1 eastern running through trunk (large Tomari border)

    It designates large Tomari as starting point and passes Toyohara Ochiai and the Tokai bank 榮 濱 from following is in the sea and goes north, passes the white inlet original Tomari inside road and reaches to the border. Furthermore if it exceeds the border, it reaches to アレキサンドロフスク, this trunk future utilization probably is more and more to become frequent not only the highway of south Sakhalin, north and south Sakhalin W with into the principal trunk which communicates, attendant upon the industrial development near the border hinterland.

    2 western running through trunks (this 斗 west Noto Lu promontory and the book 斗 it is cheap another line)

    It sends the south edge west Noto Lu promontory of this island and exceeds severe of the water caltrop 苫, following is in the west seashore and goes north, the book 斗 眞 Oka Tomari staying blessing 須 taking name good passes and the border reaches cheaply separately. The white main thing - name good between is the being open to traffic being completed. With the eastern running through trunk the artery of this island traffic is formed.

    3 transversals

    Toyohara 眞 Oka line: Passing the troop river 逢 hill from Toyohara, 眞 summer traffic of the automobile is frequent on the important route which reaches to Oka.

    眞 sewing Hisashi spring the extension: It is the important route which crosses the central most narrow section of this island.

    Otoyo Toru the nodal line: It designates the Otoyo town in the stationary multi adding orchid Tomari line middle as starting point and the 臥 dragon of the central mountain range passes the victory area of the 峡eight gazing ridges and distantly it is running also the automatic lane of the agency barracks in the southern only transversal which reaches to the paragraph town. (Book 斗 - stationary multi adding)

    The inside road blessing 須 taking line: It is the important route in the road inside the Tokai bank and the north section only transversal which ties west coastal blessing 須 taking.

    Other highway of 4 其

    Toyohara stationary multi ledger lines: It diverges from Toyohara Cho and passes the common river small village and the riding together automobile is operated to summer on the important route which reaches to stationary multi adding.

    New place west Noto Lu promontory line:Diverging from the new place, following being in the sub- garden bay, passing the stationary multi adding rainy dragons, presently it has been open to traffic to the old river. Summer the new place - stationary multi adding - the riding together automobile between the rainy dragon is operated.

    The Shiretoko promontory line in large Tomari:Southeast running it does from large Tomari alongside the sub- garden bay, passes the long 濱 and presently to has been open to traffic 弥 full. Summer large Tomari - 弥 full the between riding together automobile is operated.

    Large Tomari wealth extension:Passing inside happy beauty from large Tomari facing toward northeast, on the road which reaches into wealth of the Tokai bank, also traffic being frequent, it is the principal route. In the same section all line the large Tomari handy tracked úX line which it begins operating is running in 10.

    Route inside bed fragrance:Summer there is the automobile flight on the route where it diverges from the eastern running through line in the inside road and northeast running does and reaches to bed fragrance.

    Stationary multi adding orchid Tomari lines:Passing the Otoyo forks from stationary multi adding, appearing in the 逢 hill, it is the road which reaches to west coastal orchid Tomari.

    The China pine everyone bank line:23.9 kilometer between Yutaka south everyone banks it is open to traffic and the eastern running through trunk and the large Tomari wealth extension and not only passage and traffic frequency summer the riding together automobile there is flight.

    The Shiretoko promontory line in 榮 濱:Between of the 榮 濱 falling sail has been open to traffic in 1932.

    Bed fragrance line with respect to bed fragrance:Passing long sock fragrance from bed fragrance, it is the route of 22.1 kilometers which reach to the upper bed fragrance of the eastern running through trunk. Furthermore the inside north Shiretoko promontory line it is at not yet repair walking it only can pass bed Kahoku Shiretoko promontory line distantly.

    Blessing 須 taking line inside distinctiveness:It contributes to 殖 people area development in the dawn of 1937 completion of course, southern part and it is the schedule where communication of north section blessing 須 taking direction is shortened.

    Otoyo high-level line inside multi orchids:It is the schedule where in regard to completion becomes the artery of multi orchid ingrowth people areas, becomes the west coastal 捷 road.

    榮 濱 Yamanaka line:榮 濱 And Yamanaka village it is the road which communicates to the Sakhalin railroad line with the new 榮 濱 station.

    Small village Obara line:It is the route which the Toyohara stationary multi ledger lines and the stationary multi adding orchid Tomari lines the middle communicates.

    Ochiai Noda line:Summer there is the automobile flight on the route which connects the 殖 people area of Ochiai and upper Miho direction.

    5 agriculture roads

    There are 2 types of official barracks road and secondary road on the route which it penetrates communicates inside the farm village and between farm village mutual. Presently it reaches to 2559 kilometers, has contributed to the development of traffic of local farm village.

    The Sakhalin national highway trunk

    Toyono 眞 line Toyohara Oka - 眞 Oka most width 4.5 most narrow 3.6 entire extended 72.5 kilometer being open to traffic 72.5 kilometers

    Stationary multi ledger line Toyohara Toyohara - stationary multi adding 7.37.336.636.6

    The China pine everyone bank line China pine - everyone bank 4.54.523.923.9

    The Shiretoko promontory line in 榮 濱 榮 濱 - medium Shiretoko promontory 5.53.6212.242.9

    榮 濱 Yamanaka line 榮 濱 - Yamanaka 5.55.511.511.5

    眞 sewing Hisashi spring the extension 眞 sewing - the 5.55.529.829.8 during the Hisashi spring

    Large Tomari border large Tomari - border 7.34.5443.6443.6

    The Shiretoko promontory line large Tomari in large Tomari - medium Shiretoko promontory 5.54.5115.891.9

    Large Tomari wealth extension large Tomari - 7.35.546.546.5 inside wealth

    New place west Noto Lu promontory line new place - west Noto Lu promontory 7.35.5130.985.9

    Stationary multi adding orchid Tomari line stationary multi adding - orchid Tomari 5.53.68282

    Otoyo Toru nodal line Otoyo - it is distant the paragraph 5.55.547.547.5

    The book 斗 cheaply another line book 斗 - it is cheap another 5.53.6420.2357.4

    This 斗 west Noto Lu promontory line book 斗 - west Noto Lu promontory 5.53.697.296.5

    Blessing 須 taking coming intellectual will line blessing 須 taking - it comes, the intellectual will 5.55.594.37.5

    Road inside the inside road blessing 須 taking line - blessing 須 taking line 5.55.5110.319

    Route bed fragrance inside bed fragrance - the inside road 5.55.518.618.6

    Bed fragrance line bed fragrance with respect to bed fragrance - upper bed fragrance 5.55.522.222.2

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