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    Chishima photo studio

    With this corner presently, Chishima which it cannot go easily is introduced with the old photograph.

    Color red lead island

    The photograph is the slanted old red lead of central area of the village. The alpine plant being abundant, it is the beautiful island where it has become also candidacy area of the national park. It is known by also the fact that north Chishima Ainu immigrates mandatorily in Meiji era. [shikotan] of Ainu (large perhaps village) or, it has come from central [shiyakotan] of the village.

    Island after the country

    The island after the country which is visible well from Shiretoko and Shibetsu, [kunneshiri] of Ainu (the black island), cinchona [shiri] (the the grass island) and the like there is a theory, but you do not understand clearly. The photograph [kusarichi] (the lumber rock) with was the place of interest where the prismatic joint which was said is beautiful

    The droppings of the bird it probably will put out the fact that the island after the country closely the rock is visible white with the candle rock and the rock of super enormous size which is inside the cloth is. In order [chikatsupunai] of Ainu (the bird river) to mean, it seems that is the paradise of the many [ororon] birds and the bird where [etopirika] is. The human being to be about 5 - 7 millimeters with this photograph, is the truly large rock

    Etorofu island

    Length 203 kilometers it is the Chishima largest island. The photograph is the single comb mountain which was seen from the inner preservation swamp. Kondo the warehouse with the range pole гЃ¦ callous has been known the stone monument of the large Japanese Megumi Noboru Lu prefecture heavily in the Edo era. Etorofu = [etouorupu] гѓ« гѓ— of Ainu (the promontory place ones) from it has come.

    Profitable island urutsupu]

    The Chubu Chishima largest island [urutsupu] island, Ainu Ur (the crimson trout from it is said at length 120 kilometers. The island seems like the natural rich island where also the seal and the sea otter propagate many. The photograph seems that the hot spring gushes to the seaside vicinity near the hot spring promontory.

    The profitable island small boat port, it is the fine harbor of island one of the Pacific Ocean bank, but seeing, sort it is the for small boat. It seems that is the place where it has the game of the dew person and Etorofu Ainu who go south. In addition it is the port which the [aureto] person used in the sea otter hunting.

    The new intellectual island (it does, the insect)

    [shimoshiri] of Ainu (the large island) from it is said. The photograph is near Simizugawa. It is the island where prior to world war 2 Japan did the cultivation of the fox.

    The meter еђђ barbarian island

    [tsuoi]of Ainu (the hide the frame many perhaps place which is dried) with, the island which dried hide such as sea otter well. Also the wave is high, also the gas catches, the island seems like the island where the natural environment which is surrounded in the precipice is harsh.


    Profitable circle: It is the boat which carries out the goods communication to prevention Chubu Chishima of sea animal protection poaching of the seal and the sea otter etc..

    Chubu Chishima hibernation building: Chubu Chishima rises and falls the mountain and the almost there is no thick fog Hirati to be many it is the place where development is difficult, government the sea жЈІ makes the place of the valuable animal and hits against the ranch of the fur animal. In addition it prepared for the obligation accomplishment of intestinal animal protective treaty. It seems that from the [urutsupu] island is provided in on cat tongue island.

    Space/large house will intellectual Nanto

    The scenery of the Makuta bay which was called the picturesque scenery of Chishima one, also the view which teaches that the Kurile Islands is the volcanic archipelago with the lava dome can call the island which floats in the bay. Being to be good even at 1 time, it is the scenery which would like to try making the eye. [ushishiri] of Ainu (the the bay island) from it is thought.

    Place Washima (lath sure)

    Prior to world war 2 it is the island which has the fish farm of the fox, the valuable alpine plant had grown the photograph at the Onuma swamp. Ainu is thought as origin of a word, but meaning is unclear.

    Pine Wajima

    As for the photograph the confederate rose peak which is 1458 meters in altitude (pine wheel Fuji) with you understand as the cone type volcano seeing but it is the very beautiful volcano. Prior to world war 2 there is a base and an airport of the Japanese military and it seems that the garrison 7800 is stationed at the maximum time [matowa] of Ainu (the lenticulation case perhaps it was crooked the bank) from.

    The warm old red lead island (the cat it is it is)

    From with the Ainu on cat tongue [On cat tongue] (large village) from is. Prior to world war 2 cultivation of the fox had done. The thick fog remains to be many summer and the continuous snow cover and summer it is the island where the fire is necessary.

    Flattering degree of asking/depending island (rear and others [so] [wa])

    The most north promontory which with the island of Chishima most north is on most north of the island (name that way you can laugh the fact that is) at north latitude 50 degree 55 minute from the border promontory of the occupying Mori island to be categorized to north, it was the most north edge of Japan. The [araito] mountain which is the island was the mountain which is higher than the Asahi peak of the Hokkaido highest peak with the nice mountain of Mt. Fuji type of 2339 meters.

    Top mat island

    With the island whose Chishima 2nd it comes after the Etorufu island is large, Chishima Ainu most is the island which has resided to the Meiji beginning. The Showa beginning will prosper and as a fishing industry base of the salmon crab whale and the like the people who exceed ten thousand will do in fishing period and probably will cause is. From with Ainu [paramoshiri], para [moshiri] (the wide island) from is. It is the photograph of the photograph bee saddle peak, but, Ainu probably will do, calling [jiyakomushike], is.

    The occupying Mori island (it does, the insect)

    The Kamchatka peninsula has approached directly most with Higasibata's Chishima island. Besides the fact that Captain older brother Gunzi of the Kota dew accompanying entrance in Meiji era, it is the island which has the fierce battle of the Soviet Union of after the termination of war. Even now it seems the tank of the Japanese military and that the pillbox remains in the island. The photograph is the stone monument of the will loyal retainer who commemorates Captain Gunzi.

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