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    Color red lead island

    Near color red lead island [sakimui]

    Color red lead island

    [shikotan] of Ainu (large village) from being something which comes, it is warm climate and the island which is favored to the natural fine harbor with the scenery discernment

    There was a public office in the slanted old red lead which is the center of the island it was central area of the island. Population at the time of termination of war with 920, seems that 6 tenths or more of islander operates harvesting/adopting alga industry such as laver and kelp.

    Industry of island

    Agriculture because of this area peculiar thick fog and low temperature seems that the fishing house cultivates the potato and the Japanese radish and the cabbage etc. one for privately.

    As for the livestock industry, because the grassy plain is many in Simauti, the horse 5 00 or more was raised with the grazing right land.

    It seems that as for mining the gold and silver exists more or less in [inemoshiri] area, has the minute iron sand in the west seashore.

    Harbor of island

    The harbor was favored by the natural fine harbor, the slanted old red lead pine were 8 ports of the beach [inemoshiri matakotan anamanotorokiritoushi] interview promontory, the slanted old red lead port other than accumulation area of the goods had become the port of call of order route.

    Also the communication facilities there was a slanted old red lead, had communicated with the Nemuro falling rock radio station.

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