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    About Chishima Ainu

    Chishima Ainu points to Ainu who resides from the [urutsupu] island to the occupying Mori island. According to the [kuriru] human magazine of the book of the Russian, [kamuchiyada] - being similar to [ru] it probably will do, the manners in 1764 is.

    In report of the Russian missionary 1747 looking at that it is the record where 256 residents are in the north Chishima occupying Mori island and the top mat island population seems the small way from that time.

    In the Sakhalin Chishima exchange treaty 1875 it becomes formally Japanese territory, when exchanging 12 Chishima Ainus seem that faces to Kamchatka.

    After that forced transferring/changing it was made to live to the color red lead island south in 1884, but that time 97 people and it had decreased very.

    After immigration dying of illness from sudden change of living environment, it disappeared from this world, accurate thing stopped understanding concerning source language and culture.


    It seems that Chishima Ainu at the house of vertical hole type covered the roof with the grass, and the like covered the earth on that.


    Summer also the man and woman does the sea animal hunting by the small boat, in winter as for the woman it seems that does sewing ones and the like. As for the food the meat of the sea animal as for eating fish quite seems the unusual way with staple food unlike other Ainu.


    It seems that uses the clothing which were made with the skin of the sea bird and the sea animal.

    Use of stonework

    As for Chishima Ainu of the [harumukotan] island which helps the Satsuma boat where 1813 drifts the record that remains, you used the stonework, although using the metal, the culture which uses the stonework being continued is worthy of to attention.

    Chishima Ant [to] person

    In Chishima the Ant [to] person who exchange at that time 1875 does the sea otter hunting in the occupying Mori island 59 people, 33 people was in the [urutsupu] island, but in each case you desired the immigration to Russia, immigrated to Kamchatka by the hand of dew rice merchant meeting

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