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    Island after the country

    Tomari village of national rear island south edge

    Island after the country

    Cinchona [shiri] of Ainu (the the grass island) from it is the island name which comes, but perhaps the Edo era the house it came from place name [kinashiri] of the Tokai bank which is crowded to be many as a port of call of the boat with the Tokai bank.

    _ island north half classified by stopping night village, south half Tomari village in island traverse do Chishima volcano band mountain in [rurui] pop bowl shrimp color cow Rausu Tomari mountain such as be. The mountain was covered in all the mountain conifers and the alpine plant was grown thick. As for length of the island from southwest there are also 122 kilometers on north east.

    As for population of the island the person who at the time of termination of war operates fishing industry with 7370 people was approximately 7 tenths.


    Topography of south east being loose, was favored by the natural fine harbor, was inside and the like Tomari old kettle cloth Shiranuka Tomari [tokaisen] east boiling milk road Rebun beach planting. It opposed to this and as for north Saigan the precipice was many, the fine harbor was scanty, old red lead out Oda wealth just is difference [nikishiroshibetoro] and the like.

    Traffic of island

    As for traffic the land Tomari was the quasi- local expenditure road but Tomari - the between of pound Mali the carriage can pass the road to old kettle cloth east boiling milk е‘‘ road Shiranuka Tomari to starting point, was.

    As for marine traffic the Hokkaido Government Office order route was visited in the principal port of inside milk road Shiranuka Tomari [nikishiroruruiseseki] ­ and the like of Tomari old red lead out east boiling old kettle cloth planting. Duration was 3 hour half from Nemuro to Tomari.

    Industry of island

    Fishing industry was being active from Matsumae feudal clan era, about it counts in three places of the inner part such as Nemuro and Akkeshi. The peripheral sea area did the quite living aquatic resources being abundant, artificial hatching business of the salmon trout.

    Agricultural livestock industry because it is not right land such as low temperature thick fog, side and others of fishing industry cultivates the vegetables one for privately, was. Also the animal husbandry raises the horse and the cow seems that is in outside employment.

    It seems that mining deposit such as gold & silver & copper & zinc & iron sand sulphur is an every place, has the Chishima mine shoal stone mine east boiling mine treasure swamp mine.

    Commerce of island

    There are 50 household nearby commercial households in Simauti, it seems that did the sale of the daily life item mainly. The factory had the processed sawmill and the like of the canned goods seaweeds of the crab.

    Hot spring of island

    It is known by the fact that it is the hot spring in the Simauti various parts, the salt springs of 4 place sulphur qualities gush to 9 places and the village of the classified by stationary night in Tomari village, the mine office and the station and it seems that the inhabitant near utilizes.

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